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    Monday, 14 October 2019 02:43

    No bank account? You’ll pay more

    According to news seen this week, citizens who do not have a bank account are more likely to pay around £500 more per year for essential items in comparison to people who regularly utilise a bank account. People who do not have a bank account are typically unable to get the same discounts on certain…
    Tuesday, 08 October 2019 12:34

    Brits regularly spend more than they earn

    For the last two years, Brits have been spending more than what they have earned, according to data. Experts now believe a debt crisis could be looming. The data, which was released by the Office of National Statistics, show that this stint of borrowing is the biggest and longest since records began in the late…
    Saturday, 28 September 2019 00:55

    Never Start Car Insurance On The Same Day

    Starting your car insurance on the same day could cost you 20% more than starting it four days in the future. This is a story that we were surprised to learn of. We heard about it from someone inside the car insurance industry. It's not exactly a secret, but it is something that not many…
    New research has shown that Brits are still not comfortable with their personal finances, and still don’t like to splash the cash on expensive items. Despite the economy holding up, and more people in work than there has been in a long time, it appears people are still on edge about their personal finances, and…
    Saturday, 10 August 2019 20:03

    Credit Card Firm Wipes All Customers Debt

    A Canadian Credit Card company that had previously decided to cease trading, surprised everyone last week be cancelling all the debt on customers card accounts. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but for the customers of Candian credit card firm JP Morgan Chase, that isn't true. There is such a…
    If you’re aware of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, chances are you will have noticed that Bitcoin has seen a price surge rise this week. The surge is confusing at the dips with Bitcoin, but there are trends to watch.The price of Bitcoin has reached its peak value since the beginning of last year, and so far…
    Friday, 26 July 2019 06:49

    Sports Direct In Trouble?

    Is Sports Direct about to go into administration? We think there are some worrying signs. It's a real possibility that it could be about to go bust. We've been planning to write this story for some months but have held off just in case we were wrong, and we still might be. The last thing…
    Sunday, 21 July 2019 05:46

    Madness of affordability claims

    Each day we receive 30-40 claims about loans that were mis-sold due to not being affordable for borrowers. We want to show you how bizarre these claims are. Since the FCA came into power, lenders have been required to perform affordability tests on all loan and mortgage applications. We need to check how much they…
    Saturday, 13 July 2019 11:47

    Guarantor loan debt doubles in 2 years

    Statistics show the number of people with guarantor loan debt has doubled in the last 26 months, prompting fears that debt is out of control for many people. Figures from Citizens Advice highlight that more than 2,990 approached them for help with their problem loan repayments, and specifically guarantor loan repayments this year alone. Thousands…
    Sunday, 07 July 2019 07:59

    Payday lenders going out of business

    Payday lenders are going out of business as a direct result of compensation firms targeting them now that the PPI claims industry has dried up. For years, companies operating in the compensation industry had easy pickings when it came to PPI, and we can’t think of one person who could honestly say that they have…
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