About Quick Loans

This site is hosted by Quick Loans Ltd; we host a network of online finance brands in the UK. We are not direct lenders as we don’t currently have a licence, although the site is looking to return to lending in the future. Through the websites we host, lenders offer a wide range of finance packages applicable to all types of borrowers.

All of the sites that we host have different target markets; some focus on short term lending while others focus on more extended types of loans.

The site is currently operating using permission from the Financial Conduct Authority with our Firm's Reference Number 763132 - which is licensed to Quick Loans Ltd - registered in England and Wales company number 09619094. QuickLoans.co.uk is also registered with the Data Protection Commissioners office with the reference number – ZA207923.

We used to pride ourselves on bringing different types of lending to the masses. Unfortunately, the site no longer offers direct loans, but we were the first lender in the UK to lend money using Domain Names as security. We used to lend to people who had been declined by other sites. We aimed to look for different key indicators in a person's history to evaluate if a loan agreement was possible. It is a bit of a cliche, but the site did try to think outside of the box.

We hope to be able to bring back direct lending shortly, probably as we feel more confident about lending in the UK. At the moment – as you may have read – the lending world is very up and down. We will then reassess the situation to see if it is in everyone’s best interests for this avenue to be revisited in the future.

We have some great ideas for new lending methods, some that will save the consumers of the UK a lot of money, but this will have to wait until we feel it is safe to return. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to be a free of charge broker website.