About Quick Loans

Quick Loans Ltd is our parent company, and QuickLoans.co.uk is the main brand name in the group. We have over 30 active finance sites in the UK.

A Proud Reputation Built Over 14 Years

How Quick Loans Started

This site can trace its roots all to 1999. The Co-op once owned the Quick Loans brand name. We don't have any records of them operating it as a fully active site. As far as we know, it was never involved in lending. The co-op had held the name between 1999 and 2009 when for one reason or another, they decided that they no longer wanted the brand or the domain name Quickloans.co.uk. They failed to renew the domain name and let it expire. As often happens with some valuable brand names, someone else registered the name, and we purchased it from them. That was the beginning of our involvement with the brand.

Between the years 2009 to 2015, the site was then operated privately by the owner. With the introduction of the Financial Conduct Authority into the market around 2014, the business decided the time was right for a major shake-up. The operations went from being private to being incorporated into a new company "Quick Loans Ltd".

Cutting Ribbon

Building Up Trust

Trust is a significant part of the credit industry. On the one hand, the customer is asking us to trust them, and on the other, we are asking the customer to trust us. In our experience, customers won't ask for a lot from their lender. Most are only looking for a few guarantees, there will be no upfront fees, all the costs are transparent, and there is no significant small print that will leave them out of pocket. These are good practices for all financial sites.

By the time this site had started in 2009, we had already missed the mis-selling scandals of the PPI era. By luck more than judgement, we were not affected by the mis-selling scandal. It is hard to say whether or not we would be involved in mis-selling those products. Some of the policies were actually very good for the customer, and some of them were clearly mis-sold. Thankfully though, we never sold one PPI product and didn't find ourselves on the wrong end of endless complaints.

The loans industry, especially those that lend to customers at the wrong end of the credit score system, often gets bad press. Some of it is unfair, but the industry did have rogue sites, and rogue practices, especially before the FCA came in. We all must recognise that.

Here at Quick Loans, we can pride ourselves in never having had one single complaint against us upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service. Not many sites involved in the lending process can say that these days. We feel it shows that our customers feel that they are receiving the level of service that they expect.

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Our Brands

Whilst most of you will have heard of our leading Quick Loans site, most will be unaware that our parent company also operates through several other key niche brands. These other brands include:

EasyLoans.co.uk Personal unsecured loans spread over 3-36 months.

YesLoans.co.uk A brand that we purchased and then improved, one of the most well-known out of all online brands.

LoansForStudents.co.uk Helping students find short-term credit, loans are repayable over a longer period if required.

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Our Company Details

Our Company is called "Quick Loans Ltd" and is registered with Companies House - 09619094.

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and have permission to broker credit products. Our firm's reference number is 763132. This can be checked via the Financial Conduct Authority's own website.

Some Quick Stats

Involved in Over £1 Billion Pound Of Credit

We've been in the personal loans business for over 12 years now. Over that time, this and our other brands have handled over £1.5bn in applications for credit.

Never Had A Complaint

Whilst we have had complaints lodged with the Financial Ombudsman Service, none of them has been upheld as valid. The overwhelming majority of complaints we deal with are from people who mistakingly think they borrowed money from us in the past. Either way, this is an organisation that you can feel safe with.

Not Quick Quid

Whilst we do welcome people linking us with this once active lender, sadly, we have no connection to them other than the word "Quick". They were a completely separate company that is no longer trading, we on the other hand are fully active.

No Longer A Lender

We no longer lend directly. We handed back our lending license in 2016. We hope to return one day, but sadly the regulations involved in UK lending make it impossible for us.

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