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By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions set out between ourselves (Quick Loans Ltd) and yourself.

1) Quick Loans is a not a lender, there is no charge for any service that is performed on the QuickLoans.co.uk website. At no point will you be asked to make payment or reveal any payment details to this website.

"Quick Loans" may receive a commission for placing you with a lender.

2) By submitting an application form on the QuickLoans.co.uk site you are giving your consent to those details being sent to authorised 3rd parties such as Credit Reference agencies for information to be collected and checked on status and fraud prevention. Your details will not be forwarded to any marketing companies unless you give your express permission.

3) If an offer is made to you, this will form the basis of an agreement between you and the lender that has accepted your application website. Once the terms and conditions of this offer have been made to you, you are free to discontinue at any time by closing your web browser.

4) It is very important that you check terms and conditions carefully before entering into any agreement.

5) This site also contains paid advertisements from other 3rd parties, "Quick Loans" has no connection with these operators and does not endorse or condone their business practices. If you have complaints regarding those that advertise with this site, you can email us via the Contact Us page.

6) "Quick Loans" terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

7) The data and content on this site is property of "Quick Loans Ltd" and we prohibit the reproduction, copying or resale of any data from this site.

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