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We Are Moving To A New Home

Our apologies for this, but at the last minute we have decided not to launch mortgages products on this site. Instead we are building a site dedicated to just mortgages, don't worry it will still part of the same "Quick" brand. Please check back shortly as it won't be long until it is live at QuickMortgages.co.uk

Ending The Mortgage Myths

  • You need to be over the age of 18.

  • You do not need to be currently living in the UK.

  • You can apply for a 100% mortgage, but nobody is currently offering them. The highest that we are aware of is a 95% LTV mortgage.

  • There is NO maximum wage to earnings ratio. Some people are applying for and being approved for mortgages that are 6 times their current salary.

  • Your income has to be verified, all SelfCert mortgages are now banned in the UK. There are no longer any loopholes.

Searching For A No Obligation Mortgage Quote?

We work with some of the best licensed Mortgage Advisors in the UK. Advisors that have a repuation for problem solving. Don't worry, any problem you can think of, we've seen it hundreds of times - and we don't judge.

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About Quick Mortgages

There are so many mortgage options available these days that it can be mind-blowing when deciding which avenue to pursue. We are often blinded by technical jargon that few understand, leading people to enter into mortgage deals they know very little about.

Our advice is simple: make sure you understand everything in your mortgage contract before you sign. If there’s anything you don’t understand, check with the bank or building society you are dealing with and seek further advice from independent bodies. It may sound over the top, but it is vital that you know the consequences of what you are signing.

Before entering any mortgage deal, ensure you have assessed all options and are convinced it is the best agreement for you. It should also be a deal that suits your circumstances. Comparison sites are usually the best tool for this. You can input your personal and current status into the online form, and deals directly linked to your situation will come up.

Mortgage calculators are excellent tools to use. They help you gauge how much you can practically and realistically afford to borrow, providing a clear indication of the monthly repayments. You can also experiment with different repayment methods to establish the most cost-effective option for you.

A mortgage will stay with you for the rest of your life, so it should be treated with respect, and you should be highly knowledgeable about it.

Since a mortgage is a significant monthly expense, many people try to pay more than the agreed repayment whenever possible, a wise move as it reduces the amount you owe quicker. However, it is crucial to be aware that some lenders do not allow overpayments and may charge extra fees.

Consider this page as an example of why mortgage contracts shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Only when you understand the complete ins and outs of the mortgage deal should you sign on the dotted line.

Quick Mortgage FAQs

We’re building a better way to apply for a mortgage. The mortgage market in the UK is very clean, but transparency can always be improved on. If there are any questions you need to ask, please use the contact us option.

Where is Self Cert Mortgages (SelfCert.co.uk)?

The occurrence of Brexit marked a significant turning point for the financial landscape, particularly in the context of lending between the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA). The UK's departure from the EEA rendered lending from another jurisdiction back to the UK unfeasible. The obstacles posed by both Brexit and stringent regulations from the Czech National Bank made the project challenging and ultimately unviable.

The project, initiated in 2016, aimed to demonstrate the viability of a theory wherein private lenders and borrowers could engage in mutually beneficial transactions. Despite the initial goal, various factors, including anti-competitive bureaucracy and regulatory challenges, contributed to the project's ultimate discontinuation. The project highlighted the complexities and hurdles associated with going up against a cartel of regulators determined to stop real free market competition.

What Is The Maximum Age For Mortgage Applicants?

Things have rapidly changed on this issue. The FCA seems to have listened and taken a more relaxed stance since they took over regulation in 2012 regarding the upper age of mortgage borrowers. If we go back a few years to 2019, lenders were hesitant about lending to people over 65. Not lending to those over 65 forced them into equity release programs, causing real harm.

The FCA made changes and reassured mortgage lenders that they wouldn't automatically be fined if they gave pensioners the benefit of the doubt on affordability tests. Whatever promises the FCA made to the lenders seem to have worked. There are now lenders that will lend up to 85 years of age.

Is Quick Loans Allowed To Broker Mortgages?

This is where it gets a bit tricky, as the term 'broker' in the mortgage industry doesn’t mean the same as it does with loans. Mortgage brokers are qualified, have passed exams, and are accredited. In the unsecured loan market, brokers should really be known as Credit Intermediaries. There isn’t any real brokering to be done in the loan business. Mortgages, on the other hand, are much more in-depth, and with terms being over 25 years, mistakes can be damaging in the long term.

Back to your question, though, yes, we are authorised to act as a Credit Intermediary (except for Buy-To-Let) for mortgages. But we cannot act as a broker; instead, we will introduce you to our specialist pre-approved brokers who will handle your mortgage application.

Are There Any Upfront Fees?

No upfront fees are required. There are fees to be paid upon the completion of the mortgage, which is when your mortgage lender releases the funds. As of January 2024, this fee was priced at £425. Of course, if you don’t complete and the mortgage never gets released, there is no charge for arranging the mortgage.

Be cautious of brokers who charge upfront fees regardless of success or those who charge if they secure you a mortgage offer. There are stories of unscrupulous brokers charging fees on the offer, but the offer being of such poor quality that it wasn't a serious offer at all. Yet, technically the applicant still owes the fee.

Only use a broker who charges a fee on payout.

Is QuickMortgages.co.uk part of Quick Loans?

Yes, that is one of our brands. We hope to have it launched at some point in May 2024.

How Fast Can The Mortgage Be Completed?

We can get you a provisonal decision within 24 hours, and a full one within a week. A full decision means that your documents have been checked and approved.

With mortgages, lenders can move quickly. Delays are typically due to solicitors needing to perform various checks. Most of the time, mortgage lenders can payout within two weeks if the solicitors have all the paperwork for the lender's own solicitors to double-check.

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