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Many sites out there claim to be us, but unless you visit this site or call us on the number on our contact us page - you won't be speaking to us.

We have spent years building up our reputation, we spend a lot of our budget on adverts. The upside of this is that people feel confident dealing with us, the downside is that some rogues pretend to be us. We are aware of this happening more and more these days. If you are approached (calls or emails) by anyone asking for fees, don't pay them it isn't us.

To be sure you are dealing with the real Quick Loans - type it into yourt browser, we no longer recommend using search engines to find the site. 


Different From The Rest

Multiple Types of Loans

Get a Online Decision

We know what our customers want

Quick Loans has been involved in lending since 2009, since then we have seen our customer's needs change. The products that we offer have also changed, we no longer offer some of the products that we used to, but we have brought our new lending products to replace them and we are bringing out more all the time. We must be onto a winner because our reputation grows every day!

Unsecured Loans

We don't offer these directly anymore, but we have partner sites that do, and for loans of less than £1000 we can arrange these through our application form.

We offer mid to high valued loans directly, loans all the way up to £10,000 unsecured. All through one application form and with a full decision in around a minute - no paperwork.

Which Are You

New Customers

For new customers, a account will be automatically created for you upon being accepted for a loan. Your login details will be emailed to you instantly, from here you can manage your account and repayments.

Existing Customers

Customers of ours can login to their control panel and administer their accounts. Customers have the choice of changing their repayment dates and even applying again without having to renter all their details. Existing customers can benefit from better rates - assuming they have maintained a good repayment history with us on their original loan.

Just Need Help?

Our customer service team are experienced in helping whatever the issue - use the contact us page to get in touch or give us a quick call. Whilst we can answer questions, our team won't give advice on which product is best for you. To get good advice, to get accurate advice needs detailed information that our team just won't have before an application is submitted.