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You have found the original Quick Loans, many try to copy what we do but look at our domain name and be rest assured that you are dealing with the real Quick Loans. A lot of our customers have been defrauded by Google sending them to the wrong site. Be careful of search engines, with financial sites you have to type it in to the address bar.

What we can offer you is a free service, we are licensed lenders. If we can't get you a loan then we may know others that can - but we never charge a single penny in any upfront fees! We make our money on interest on a loan, no loan - no fee, it is that simple.

We cater for everyone, all types of credit background. These days your credit background will go a long way to decide the interest rates you are charged - not really whether you will get a loan or not.

Featured News

  • Price Cap - Why No Judicial Review?
    For over a year now this website has consistently questioned price caps on payday loans as a bad thing for consumers and a good thing for lenders. We want to break things down and ask just why if lenders have…
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    This isn’t a wind up, it is the latest from the UK’s comedy “do as I say - not as I do brigade”. You simply couldn’t make it up. This time it’s the Arch Bishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s turn…
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    FCA has confirmed that the Price Cap for Payday Loans is to be capped at the rate described in the original consultation. The FCA’s claim that it will save customers £150 a year is laughable in the extreme. It won't…
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'Quick Loans' is a trading name of That Network Limited (That.uk). QuickLoans.co.uk is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to lend and broker loans in the UK. Our Consumer Credit License number is 655758. Any loan offered is subject to a credit check and anti fraud prevention methods.Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to the Independent Money Advice Service.