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Representative Example: Amount of credit: £1500 for 11 months at £169.69 per month. Total repayment of £1866.59. Interest: £366.59 Interest rate: 46% pa (fixed). APR rates range from 22.3% APR to 112.5%. Credit broker not a lender. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help visit Money Helper

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Money Could Be In Your Bank Within 10 Minutes

Single Or Multi Instalment Loans

Yes, we can arrange Payday Loans, but if you need something more flexible, you can choose repayments for up to 3 years. Don't forget, you can always repay loans early.

Bad Credit Loans

Nobody expects you to have perfect credit; poor credit is okay. Quick Loans is successful because we work with applicants who can afford the repayments, even those with difficult credit histories.

No Guarantors

Loans are offered to individuals; none of the loans offered on this site comes with the need for a friend or family member to vouch for you.

No Fees

We will never charge you any upfront fees. The only fee you will pay is the 'interest repayments' on the loan you agree to. No legitimate unsecured UK site should charge upfront fees.

Soft Credit Checks Only

Due to the way we are set up, all searches conducted are 'Soft Checks.' This means that it will appear on your credit file but not as an application for credit (hard check).

High Acceptance Levels

By working together with a large group of Direct lenders, we are able to get applications approved for loans where they may have once been declined. One application means up to 40 decisions, 40 chances at getting that yes!

Celebrating 15 Years In Business

Over 2 Million Credit Applications

Quick Loans went live for the first time in 2009, and since then, we have grown to become one of the UK's biggest unsecured subprime loan brands. Over the years, we've witnessed lenders and brokers come and go, but we've remained resilient and are looking forward to the next 15 years.

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Smooth Your Short-Term Credit Worries Within Minutes

Full Approval And Payout In Less Than 10 Minutes

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Poor Credit

To avoid unnecessary declines, Applicants with a poor credit history are advised to be realistic and apply to borrow amounts they can realistically afford to repay. We would advise £1000 or less for customers who want to rebuild their credit profiles.

Good Credit

People with good credit can still find it tricky to be accepted for an unsecured loan via a High Street bank. Independent lenders have their own lending criteria and will make up their own minds, the computer doesn’t always say no. Apply for any amount up to £10,000 and we’ll see what we can arrange. If the offer isn’t competitive, there is no need to proceed with the offer. Only soft checks are performed, so it shouldn’t hurt to try.

Are You Eligible For A Quick Loan?

The criteria to borrow aren't over strict; lenders will assess each application on its merits. However, the conditions below are compulsory for all UK lenders.

  • Living inside the United Kingdom
  • Over the age of 18
  • Be able to afford the repayments

How Fast is Quick Loans?

How fast can you fry an egg? Our record for the quickest application, decision, and payout stands at just under 5 minutes, set in 2013. That's less than 5 minutes from the point the customer landed on our page to the point the money was in their bank. In our opinion, that's quick.

We are over a decade on, and things have changed slightly; there are a few more questions to complete, but we still think that it could be done in less than 6 minutes. Maybe it's time for another challenge?

Loans With An Instant Decision

  • We can't guarantee acceptance, but we assure you that you'll receive a decision within a minute of clicking submit on our short application form.

  • Accepted or declined, we promise that we will give you one of these two straight answers.

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Complete Our Application Form

Our application form has only 2 short pages, can be completed in less than 90 seconds and there is no need for any paperwork. We will ask you for your bank details, it helps to keep you safe and confirm your identity. Plus, lenders need to know where to send the money.


Receive The Decision

60 seconds is all we need to provide you with a decision. Along with that decision, you will receive either an 'Approved' or 'Declined' status. If approved, you will learn the charges for interest (the APR). It will then be up to you to decide whether you accept the offer or not.


Get Your Cash

All of the checks have been completed, you have accepted the offer, and now all that remains is for the lender to send you the money. This is the easy part, usually taking around 10 minutes to complete. We ask that borrowers allow up to 30 minutes, just to be sure. However, as it is all automated, money will usually be with you very quickly, no matter what time of day you apply.

Borrowing can be stressful, but don't worry.

Trust Quick Loans, you are in safe hands

How many UK credit brands still have a UK phone number to reach out to UK customer service teams? Not many!

Quick Loans is different; we have UK staff on hand to help with any unexpected problems along the Quick journey. Had a typo with a bank account number? No problem, we can sort that. Money not arrived? No problem, we’ll find out why. While we can no longer process the application over the phone, we can walk you through the whole process if needed.

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Why Choose Us?

Why Quick Loans is Right For You!

We work for you, not other lenders. Our goal is to secure the lowest possible price for the amount of money you need to borrow. If we can't arrange the exact loan amount you need, we may present you the option of a slightly lower amount, a Quick Loans process called 'Max-Credit'. 

  • A long history of customer satisfaction, check out our online reviews.

  • Zero complaints upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service in over 15 years.

No Marketing

We promise NOT to use your application information to contact you in the future.

No Upfront Fees

Quick Loans will never ask you to pay money/fees upfront to obtain a loan.


Our clever system prevents over-borrowing, eliminating the risk of unaffordable loans.


A few moments of your time is all we need to get you the Quick Loan you came for!

Quick Questions and Answers

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive

Didn’t Quick Loans fall into Administration?

No, we are financially stable and have been since our establishment in 2009. You may be thinking of QuickQuid, which went out of business in 2019 and has now relaunched.

Are these Quick loans for bad credit?

Loans available on our site are tailored towards those who have been turned down for credit elsewhere. If you have a perfect credit history, we wouldn’t be able to compete on prices that prime loan providers could offer you. Our recommendation would be to apply for a loan with NatWest, Halifax, or Santander.

Are the loans fixed rate?

Yes, loans are fixed in price for the entire duration of the loan period. It doesn’t matter if your loan is spread out over 1 month or 36 months; the charges for interest will never change.

What are Quick Loans?

It’s one of the loans arranged through our brand 'QuickLoans.co.uk.' A loan that is applied for and completed on the same day, usually paid out in less than an hour. Over the last few years, many sites have appeared online trying to adopt our reputation for quality and high acceptance rates. Borrowers are welcome to apply with them, but they may well miss out on the extras we provide by coming direct with us.

Are Quick Loans's reviews real?

Yes, all of our reviews can be found online on mainstream review websites. It's always nice to hear positive feedback from our former customers. On the flip side, we often encounter reviewers who have been misled into paying upfront fees by other sites. No amount of warning people not to pay fees to cold callers will ever prevent them from becoming victims if they don’t visit our site first. While it’s unfair to hold us responsible for their mistakes, it’s quite common for them to do so. If you exclude those types of reviews, we compare favourably with the UK’s biggest credit sites.

I am experiencing financial difficulties. Can I apply for a loan?

The best thing we can do for you is maintain our independence and guide you towards some of the most respected places for debt advice. Two standout options that have worked well with our former customers are StepChange and Citizen’s Advice. Due to their excellent reputations, they do have a short backlog, but in our opinion, they are worth waiting for.

Extra Loan Options