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The truthful answer is that we don't know yet. Lenders look for certain things in a borrower, and despite what people think, a history of missed repayments isn't always the most important. Every day people are approved for loans when they didn't believe they would.

Does This Site Payout 24/7?

Yes. You will be paid as soon as your application is accepted, usually within 30 minutes of completing the application form. Neither the time of the day or the day of the week will affect this.

Will I Need A Guarantor?

No, none of the loans available on this site will ask you for a "Guarantor". We've seen it drive an emotional wedge between families and friends. It's not a lending practice that we encourage or recommend.

Will I Be Asked To Pay An Upfront Fee?

Absolutely not, that's not how loans work. If you have been contacted by anyone posing as us (Quick Loans) and asking for money, then just hang up as it isn't us. There is not one single UK lender that will ask for some type of pre-payment. There are, however, people out there who are pretending to be UK lenders, they will ask for Amazon or iTunes vouchers as some kind of payment. Don't fall for it.

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