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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Tuesday, 14 October 2014 21:37

    Bishops and Welfare

    So the Bishops have come out and stated that the recent Welfare cuts are having a dramatic effect on the poor with some of them needing the help of food banks.

    That's fine, Bishops can have their say but it falls on businesses like ours to point out why the Bishops are completely wrong and totally hypocritical. First of all, as they drink out of their Gobblets made of Gold (because God likes them drinking out of the most expensive cups ever doesn't he). They should consider that both the Church of England and the Catholic Church sit's on multi billion pound property portfolio's. Selling those could provide a few meals for the needy.

    Next they should consider that the welfare budget is not endless, the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 with a couple of loaves of bread and the odd fish isn't a real story, like the rest of their nonsense it is made up. The benefit budget is finite and if you give x amount to someone, then you take it away from someone else, that's just how maths works.

    Getting people back to work is not just a financial thing, even forcing people back to work by removing benefits is a good thing. It reduces dependency on the state and makes people self sufficient and more confident, even happier. Getting people out of dependency is not what the Chruch wants though, they want people to need them. That is how they gain followers by pretending that they can protect them from the invented evils of this world. They probably could if they sold some of their assets, but they won't put their money where their mouths are.

    If they want to start dabbling in politics then they should stand for election like everyone else has to. These Bishops commented on the loan industry last year, despite owning shares in a company that had shares in Wonga. No amount of hypocrisy is too much for these people to try and get their faces in the newspapers or on tv. 

    Our news service is great because it pulls no punches and doesn't allow political correctness to interfere with our views.
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