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Have the FCA Been Conned Over Payday Lenders

Those who thought - maybe still think - that closing the Payday Loan Market is a good thing, might just want to read what we have discovered since we left the market 2 months ago.

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert
Our Response to Martin Lewis

We wanted to write this piece in response to Martin's response to our own statement naming him as one of the reasons we have surrendered our Payday Loan License.

Payday Loans License
Quick Loans Latest to Surrender Payday Loans License

Due to new rules and the threat of ever increasing legislation, QuickLoans.co.uk has announced that they are surrendering their license to provide Payday Loans in the UK.

Has Natwest Been Hacked?
Has Natwest Been Hacked?

Natwest customers have been forced into looking for an alternative sources of funding, sometimes just to get home from work.

Strange Pig Eating Money
Strange Reasons For A Loan

QuickLoans.co.uk decided to conduct a study of our customers and the reasons behind the need to apply for a loan our on this site.

TV License
Time running out for the TV licence

Out of all the bills that land on the doorstep each month, the TV licence is one of the most annoying.

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