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Our News service is sometimes tongue in cheek but the messages and accuracy are top level. We report on things long before main stream media.
Debtors Prison
Why Debtors Prisons Are The Answer

As most of you will know, debt and bankruptcy are getting out of hand. The more help there is out there, the more debt problems arise.

Energy Switch
Beware of Energy Auto-Switching Sites

Auto-switching sites have jumped in popularity recently as people attempt to find the cheapest energy deals. We will show you why you should be careful

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert
Martin Lewis Claims 100,000 Attempted Suicide

Martin Lewis is back with more outlandish claims. This time he claims 100,000 attempt suicide each year while in debt.

The truth about who really killed wonga

Some people claim glory for killing Wonga. The truth is a lot stranger than many of you would actually know. It is actually the last group you would expect.

Football Finances
Football's going bust, not coming home

Football, especially English football, is going bust right before our very eyes. Almost without any attention from the mainstream media.

Cheque Centre
QuickLoans.co.uk purchases the Cheque Centre

Quick Loans has completed the purchase of the Cheque Centre, with the aim of relaunching the brand, it was announced today.

Brand Split
Separation of Brands and Lenders - what is going on?

Recently something rather odd has been happening in finance, and even we are not sure what the reasons for it are

GDPR – A costly farce that will never be enforced – Just ignore it

Another tax on business is just about to go live in the form of GDPR. The problem is that GDPR will significantly increase costs

Charities now have a worse reputation than payday lenders

A recent survey conducted for Polls.co.uk shows that the charity sector now has a lower approval rating than short-term lenders.

Payday Lender Map
We Told You So - Another Major Lender Pulls Out Of UK

This site was laughed at when we said that lenders were on the verge of pulling out of the UK market

Rates Rising
What will happen if interest rates rise to 5% APR

Ever wondered what would happen if interest rates went back up to a more normal 5% APR? 

Lenders that have positive public reviews that are almost certainly fake

We started to notice that almost all of our competitors have thousands of public reviews. Without a shadow of a doubt, let us tell you now – they are 99.9% fake.

Uni Student
Mis-sold Your Student Loan? Join Our Legal Challenge

We are looking for a mixture of 10 current and former students who feel they may have been mis-sold their student's loans. 

Financial Conduct Authority
The FCA and Provident Credit

But we wanted to air some questions about the Provident Credit issue and the role of the FCA in it because we just don’t understand it.

Keys Flat
New Buy to Let tax will hit tenants ultimately, not landlords

But what if we told you that ultimately it would-be tenants that will suffer in the long run because of tax rises.

Easy Jet - Easy Loans
Quick Loans v Easy Group – Legal Funding Easy Victims

Quick Loans has recently become the recipient of a legal claim from Easy Group (Stelios), demanding we cease using the name EasyLoans.co.uk

Bank Mistake
When will banks act with to stop account transfer mistakes?

The number of people who are losing money due to errors or fraud when sending funds online from their bank accounts continues to rise.

Car Keys Handover
Car Finance Is The Next Bubble Waiting To Burst

After looking at our data, we notice a rapid build-up in the numbers of people taking on Car Finance loans through a model called PCP

Tesco Bank
How safe are our finances after the Tesco debacle?

News filtered through this week that money had been stolen from accounts at Tesco Bank.

Credit Rating
What scenarios could stop you having the perfect credit rating?

Credit rating, The holy grail when it comes to finance. So how do you ensure that a good credit rating stays with you?

Action Fraud
Fraud up 100% in a year – Action Fraud Was a Great Idea Wasn’t It?

Action Fraud was introduced to the UK in 2012/2013, the instances of fraud have skyrocketed. The reason is simple, the criminals don’t fear it.

Bank Collapse
The Next Banking Collapse Has Already Started

Currently witnessing the first signs of the collapse of the European Banking Sector - and with it, we believe, maybe even the global banking sector.

Unemployed Loans Screenshot
Quick Loans Responds To The FCA

We were extremely disappointed to read that the FCA had put out public warnings regarding one of the brands that Quick Loans is linked to.

Bank of England
The Worst Governor Ever?

Mark Carney was drafted in from Canada to try and breathe fresh air into the Bank of England.

Who Wins when Wonga Fails?

The lending brand Wonga reported massive losses again yesterday, although reporting that they expected 2016/2017 to bring better times.

Credit Crunch
The Fed rate rise is incoherent and invites new credit crunch

With the US raising interest rates, we will show you why the UK won't follow in their footsteps and rates will stay low for a generation.

Quick Loans to bring back Self Cert in January 2016

We are pleased to announce that as of January 2016 we will be at the forefront of bringing back Self Cert mortgages to the UK through our new sister site.

Bank Keyboard
Switching Banks – forget it you won’t save anything!

It’s been in the news again, the Competition and Markets Authority have released a report claiming that customers could save up to £70

Peer-to-Peer Loans
Peer-to-peer being held back by the FCA

Peer-to-peer lending is expected to grow substantially within the next five years.

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert
Will Martin Lewis Now Become A Short Term Lender?

Again we ask - will Martin now lend to subprime customers at the rates he recommends others do?

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