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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Saturday, 24 September 2016 14:13

    Fraud up 100% in a year – Action Fraud Was a Great Idea Wasn’t It? Featured

    Ever since Action Fraud was introduced to the UK in 2012/2013, the instances of fraud have sky rocketed. The reason is simple, the criminals don’t fear it. This organisation is a complete failure, a waste of money and a waste of time. It should be closed immediately before it does anymore damage.

    Pre Action Fraud

    Before the introduction of Action Fraud, victims of fraud would head off to the local Police station to report the incident. The Police would then investigate, and to a certain extent would try to get to the bottom of who did it and to then put the evidence together to prosecute.

    It was a very simple thing, now of course opinion differs on just how effective the Police would be in hunting down the criminals but at least there was a sense that someone was going to do something about it. The victims would have that perception, but more importantly – so would the criminals.

    Post Action Fraud

    The truth is that nobody now knows exactly what is going on. The Police no longer take reports of fraud any more; instead they redirect victims to Action Fraud. Action Fraud won’t confirm whether anyone will even investigate the incident. All they ever say is that they will collate the information and hand it to the Police. The Police won’t confirm whether or not they will look into it either.

    Of course this has a big effect on victims; they are frustrated and feel let down by the system. But the bigger effect is on the criminals. They have a perception that nobody will investigate fraud if they keep fraud below a certain level and don’t get greedy. It is widely known that nobody at the banks will investigate Fraud below £500, the banks just refund it. Now it is becoming known that they will not be investigated by law enforcement for small scale fraud.

    Why Have Action Fraud?

    Action Fraud was a clever way to try and get fraud removed from the crime stats. It was nothing more than that; there is no reason to them. It’s almost comical; unfortunately the Government was told last year that they must include incidents reported to Action Fraud in their crime stats. Before that, they tried desperately to omit them. Basically they took fraud out of the stats and then claimed crime had reduced.

    Where it goes from here?

    Well fraud is soaring, financial fraud is booming, victims are growing and so is the perception that Fraud is now a sport to criminals.

    It will continue to rise and get worse http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/financial-fraud-incidents-up-53-per-cent-in-first-half-of-2016-sept16 

    Someone must disband this crazy organisation setup by soft politicians. Return the remit of Fraud back to the Police and the local Fraud Squad. 

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