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Sunday, 14 May 2017 12:59

Stelios refuses to take Quick Loans to Court for using Easy Loans

Good old Stelios is refusing to take Quick Loans Ltd to Court over our use of the domain name EasyLoans.co.uk . In what can only be described as a humiliating silence from Stelios, it looks as though he has finally admitted defeat.

In Late 2016, we received letters from Stelios’s legal team. In it, they claimed several different things that were untruths which in our opinion they knew full well was not true. They seemed to imply that they had very good chances of winning a court case against us. Of course, we knew such claims were nonsense, we told them to grow up and not to waste our time. Unfortunately, they persisted and forced us to formulate a full professional legal response to them. This cost us time and money.

What became apparent to us is that we felt that Stelios probably doesn’t expect people to want to fight, he is what we would call a bully. Court action is very complex and he may have been expecting to win on a technicality if we didn’t spend money on a professional legal reply in the correct format.

Once we spent the money, Stelios went silent. It’s now been over 3 months since we replied and Stelios seems to no longer have the stomach for a fight. He no longer seems so confident that his claim is as strong as he tried to show.

In our opinion, Stelios should be labelled a Vexatious Litigant. He sends legal letters to many brands forcing them to hand over their brands, or face legal costs. With businesses struggling, some don’t have the cash to pay for a Valid Defence and Stelios wins on a technicality. Where those that do have the money like we do, Stelios just goes quiet and walks away without any costs against him for making vacuous claims. Leaving companies like ours to pick up the costs.

How can one man be allowed to use the Justice system to cost companies money without ever having the intention of going to Court? 

Anyway, Stelios we beat you. We bet you don’t publish that on your brand thieves page will you? You got your fat Greek orange backside handed to you by Quick Loans!