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Friday, 16 September 2016 15:20

10 Things Gathering Dust in Your Attic That Could Be Worth Something

Is your loft starting to look like an episode of Storage Hoarders? Have you been thinking about having a mass clear out? You may have some gems hidden up there and not even realise it. But before you get rid of everything at the local car boot sale or give it away to friends and family, it’s worth checking the following to see if you’re sat on a potential gold mine.

Children’s toys

Kids grow out of their toys very quickly. Things like wooden trainsets and kitchen playsets will soon be cast aside in favour of the latest action figure. The good news is that toys like these will always be wanted by new families and many specialist websites exist for the buying & selling of such items.


Geek-chic is all the rage these days with the huge success of Marvel and DC film adaptations. Many UK cities hold conventions throughout the year and it’s well worth examining any comic books that you might have kept from your childhood to see if they’re worth anything. If it’s superhero-related, chances are it’ll be very easy to sell. You may even have a limited edition that is worth hundreds of pounds!


It doesn’t seem like long ago that we were marvelling at being able to use instant messenger on a PC (remember MSN anybody?) whilst connected to a dial-up modem. Nowadays it seems like we upgrade our computers more often than we do our underpants and we’d be willing to bet that most of you have an old ‘worthless’ laptop shoved in the bottom of the spare room cupboard. Well, somebody out there will want to take it off your hands to use as word processor or even use the parts for something else. And that bulky CRT monitor you’ve got hidden away in the garage? It could be worth more than you think.

Video games & consoles

Video games have become increasingly popular in the last couple of decades with most households owning one at some stage. Consoles that were around in the 1980s like the original Nintendo (NES) and Sega Master System are particularly sought after by collectors. With the original box and bundled accessories you could easily make upwards of £100 on a sale. The kids might scoff when you show them the original Super Mario Bros and tell you that the graphics are rubbish but there’s a huge market for those older cartridges. One particular limited edition NES game was recently sold for $21,000!


The new plastic £5 note was brought into circulation this week but it’s those old coins you’ve kept locked away in a jar for years that could actually send you laughing all the way to the bank. Of all the English sterling coins, the 50p piece has had the most limited editions. Earlier this year a number of Peter Rabbit coins were released which now fetch up to £20. Some of the most sought after coins are ‘minted anomalies’, a coin that has been circulated albeit with a mistake on it. So it’s definitely worth checking that rainy day fund before you hand those coins to somebody else – it might be bottoms up in the Bahamas instead of sandcastles in Skegness!


You’d be surprised at just how many different types of watches keep a substantial amount of worth over time. It’s not just the classic Rolex or Omega – old Casio watches are a particular fashion piece for a lot of young hipsters these days. Many pocket watches have actually increased in value and have a big appeal so if your grandparents ever handed you one down, it’s worth investigating with a local auctioneer.

Designer clothes, shoes & handbags

We don’t need to tell you that perhaps you shouldn’t have spent your whole month’s wage on that Louis Vuitton handbag but you couldn’t help it. It was screaming to be bought and it made you feel like a million dollars. The only problem is you’re now short of a million dollars. We bet it’s still sitting in the wardrobe in pristine condition, just waiting to be taken out for a special occasion. Same goes for those Jimmy Choo platform heels. Luckily for you there are a number of specialised websites out there who offer very reasonable prices for designer fashion pieces.


That piece of jewellery an ex-boyfriend got for you never did look quite right, did it? Maybe it’s time to sell it on, he’s an ex after all. The key thing to remember when selling jewellery is to get it appraised by a professional. Look for a description of the weight, measurement and colour grade of gemstone to be specific. Then, if you want to sell the item, make sure you get a number of different quotes from auction houses or specialised buyers. Armed with your own research, you should be able to have a better idea of what something is worth without the fear of being ripped off.

Sporting equipment

Let’s be honest, when you bought that brand new mountain bike, home-purpose gym and oversized space hopper back in January as part of your New Year’s Resolution to turn into an athlete, you expected it to get more than one use. We’re not ones to discourage keeping fit but maybe you can find a new home for some of it. Gym equipment, tennis racquets, football goalposts, you name it – sporting goods are some of the most popular second-hand items sold.

Musical Instruments

How many of you have bought a guitar or drum kit with dreams of becoming a rock star only to find out that you’ve got the rhythm of a bad Dad dancer at a wedding? Well, nearly all musical instruments have good resale value so it’s definitely time to dust off the cymbals and see what they’re worth. Vintage guitars are particularly desirable and you shouldn’t struggle to sell them online or locally.