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    The Easy Lending Brand

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    Our second-biggest lending brand, We bought Easy Loans almost a decade ago. Since then, we have worked hard to build it into the well-known site that it is today.

    We worked hard to build up this brand; we ran Easy Loans radio adverts, we ran TV adverts and then in 2016 we received a letter from Stelios claiming that we were "Easy Brand Thieves" and that he somehow had rights to the word Easy.

    Luckily for us, we knew the law, we knew how many cases that he had lost and we knew numerous warnings that had received from judges in the past. Some of those warnings were explicitly warning him that he had no universal rights to the term.

    When Stelios received our legal reply, he quickly slithered away back under the rock he came from. The chap is a bully, and we will gladly help anyone who is having the same issues with him and gets in touch.

    EasyLoans.co.uk continues to grow year on year. It primarily focuses on those who have issues in obtaining credit, those who get refused by mainstream lenders. The costs are high for borrowers, but that covers the additional risks that lenders face with subprime borrowers.

    The site currently serves around 300 applicants each day. Those 300 applicants will typically try to borrow a combined total of £160,000. We don't want to get into details on how many of those applications are successful but it is enough to keep the site going.

    Easy Loans has a slightly higher than the industry average for defaults, but one where lenders can still make a profit.

    We think the brand name reflects the way people expect the site to work, they want the site to be simple, straightforward and have a great chance of being accepted. We think we have accomplished that.

    There are no plans to sell the name.

    Our Brands

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