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If you are reading this outside of our normal customer service hours, and need help fast. This section maybe able to answer your more urgent queries.

I'm getting text messages and phone calls from Quick Loans, saying I've been approved for a loan. Now they are asking for a pre-payment. What do I do?

We can not emphasise this enough, it is not us that is contacting you, it is people pretending to be us. It is just the same as the fake tax letters or fake emails from people claiming to be from eBay. If you respond to these people and pay a fee, you will lose any money that you give them.

We will never cold call you, and we will never ask for money from you for processing a loan.

Can I apply over the phone?

Unfortunately not, we only have a license to process applications online.

It is midnight on a Sunday, if I apply, when will I get my money?

Although our office is closed, the site is still open. If you apply now and are accepted. You should receive your money almost immediately. The average time is 32 minutes.

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