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We have many different types of loans available through this site, take a look at which loan is right for you!


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Yes we really do approve over 80% of those that apply for a loan. We pride ourselves on being a flexible lender.

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Check out our responsible lending policy isn't a gamble. We explain more about how we don't lend to people who can't afford it.

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Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans

We can offer loans over 1-2-3 months, our loans are cheaper than overdrafts and a lot more flexible.

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1,2 or 3 months

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Installment Loans

We have other loans available that stretch over 48 months, we can provide lots of lending options.

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Repayments of up to 4 years

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"QuickLoans Mortgages will be launching in September 2014, our new mortgages will be for those who can't get a mortgage elsewhere. Specifically suited for those who are Self Employed or with past defaults"

Martin Bishop,

Operations Manager


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