Quick Loans For Bad Credit

We can still help even if you have a bad credit history. Not all of the loans that are available through this site are aimed at prime borrowers. Sure we wish everyone had a perfect credit history and that lenders were almost certain that they were going to get their money back every time, but in reality, they know that "things" do happen. These "things" in someone's past shouldn't always stop someone getting a loan today.

The way Quick Loans operates is to match borrowers with lenders. If we can't do that the first time, we have other sites in our network that will consider lending the money you ask for. There are no other forms to fill in and you won't have to pay any admin fees or application fees. We can simply share with them the form details, not bank details.

Some of these others sites on our network will have lower limits to the amount they will lend. They may come back with an offer and this may well be presented to the applicant. If you are not happy with the offer - you can simply close the page and walk away. The money will not be sent, and no loan will go on your credit record.

If you did want to take out the loan with our network sites, please read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you know what the APR and repayments are. They will be different depending on your background and will often depend on your credit history.

We consider this a bonus service, just because we are no longer able to lend ourselves doesn't mean that we can't still help you get a loan with someone else. These days the question is usually not "Can I get a loan?" but "How much can I borrow" and "How much will it cost"?