Types of Quick Loans

Thank you for choosing us to help take some stress away from your financial shoulders. We'd like to think that after almost 10 years in the UK credit maket. Our brand is one of the most well known for being there when people need us.

We provide more than one type of Quick Loan. We are constantly trying to bring new and inventive loan products to the UK and always happy to listen to new requests.

All of the loans below can be accessed by our smart application form. On the application form, select the parts you need and we will do the rest.

Quick Loans

This is our brand, it is what we do. Unsecured loans from £100 to £10,000 completed and funds sent in as short a time as possible.

Instant Decision Loans

We know our customers, all our loans will give an instant decision online within 60 seconds of clicking submit. Our fastest yet is just 9 seconds.

Easy Loans

EasyLoans is one of our brands, and it provides exactly what it says. But you can also get one directly through us because we like to keep this simple.

Quick Car Finance

If your loan is for the purchase of a new car, please let us know because loans are much cheaper when it is secured on a car.

Fast Loans

Borrow £100 - £2000,  without paperwork. Highest Acceptance rates of any of our loans. Usually fully completed within 30 minutes.

Short Term Loans

Want to borrow under £2000 for less than 1 year? The this is the loan you that could suit you best. Take a a closer look.

Loans For Bad Credit

OK so your credit history isn't the best, don't worry because we can still help. This is quite common these days and nothing to be scared of.