Friday, 01 March 2019 02:20

Workers can't afford the commute to work

It comes to something when finances are that bad that you can't afford to go to work. But that is precisely what many workers are faced with according to a recent survey.

Figures show that nearly 35 per cent of working people have had to pull a 'sicky' or miss work because they couldn't afford to travel to work due to the cost of the commute.

What have we become as a society? The very fact that people can't afford to get to work because travel is that expensive is a joke and is economically insane.

It's not just train fares and other travel expenses that people are finding hard to manage either. The figures also highlight that even if people do manage to afford to get to work, once they are there, a quarter of them will not be able to concentrate properly because they are worried about debt repayments and how they are going to be able to manage to make it to payday.

Nearly 26 per cent of workers quizzed admitted that they try and deal with their finances during office hours as that is the only time they get to spend sorting out their budget, and money worries are always at the forefront of their mind. Of the 26 per cent, half of these people said money stress was also impacting their performance at work.

The findings paint a grim picture, but should also serve as a warning to employers that people are having a hard time.

In fact, many debt charities have urged employers to offer more support to workers who appear to be struggling and look under strain. Many debt experts have gone a step further and have even said that employers need to partake in training to spot the signs of money stress in people and provide guidance and support to those who need it. Debt charities unanimously agree that employers need to demonstrate 'corporate social responsibility'.


  • Comment Link Quaver Quaver

    'Corporate social responsibility' Is that snowflake code for 'employees need babysitting?' Some businesses can barely afford to pay employee's wages, let alone pay out for bosses to go on training courses to spot if someone is sad because they've spent their wage on some new trainers and now can't afford a loaf of bread for their Monday night beans on toast. The UK's gone nuts.

  • Comment Link Karen Karen

    ive experienced this directly. i got so fed up of paying over the odds to commute to work that i decided to pack in working altogether. it tired me out anyway and i couldn't deal with the stress anymore so that was that. im now happy at home doing nothing. other people should try it rather than getting stressed

  • Comment Link Anna Anna

    Where on earth is all the money going? It is ok regulating loan companies, but they are not compulsory and can be avoided.

    Travelling to work is unavoidable for most people. If anything should be price capped then domestic transport is it.

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