Thursday, 30 November 2017 14:13

We will no longer be answering our phones, sorry

It is with regret that we have to announce that we can no longer justify the cost in answering our phone lines. This comes on the back massive rise in the volume of victims of financial tricks contacting us for advice.

From the 1st of December we will no longer provide telephone support for our customers. We hope our customers realise that we simply have no choice but to cease this option of contacting us.

We hope that people understand that this is not something we want to do. We are now approaching 90 calls a day from people that are trying to reach other companies. It still absolutely baffles us why people are calling us and asking for another business. It’s almost like people calling Asda and complaining about Tesco’s.

People can still contact us through our online form to receive the same level of excellent support.

This is not a move we have taken lightly. We have for the last two months placed extra warnings around our site asking people not to call us if they are looking for another business. Unfortunately they don't take any notice and call us anyway. This takes up a lot of our resources, it is something we ultimately can not do anything about anyway. 

We hope that our customers appreciate that if we were to continue to answer the phone to everyone that wants to have a moan about a different finance company. It would ultimately be them that would be paying for it through higher prices that we would have to charge. We have never had any interest in becoming the financial version of the Samaritans.

Maybe when things settle down we can bring back the service.

Thank you for your understanding.  

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