Thursday, 21 September 2017 10:04

We launch a new dating service based on your credit score

We are proud to announce our new dating site “Credit Score Dating”. A site that will match single people based solely on their credit scores rather than other features.

Studies show that it is now perfectly normal for people to meet online. There are of course new methods of matching people appearing online each and every year. This time it is our turn to take a dip into the dating market.

The idea behind the new concept is that people who have the same sort of financial background are more likely to be happier together because they are certain neither person in the relationship thinks that the other is there for their money or financial status. Similarly there are no over expectations of the other party in the relationship to provide luxuries to try and impress the other.  

Manager Martin Bishop says “To sum it all up, this new financial dating concept brings complete honesty from the start”. has been testing the system for the last 3 months, applicants who used our application form and clicked single on their marital status were given the option of being able to have their profile put forward to meet someone locally who was in a similar financial position. The number that did actually surprised us, most were between 30-45 years old.

Just over 20% of singles that applied to our site clicked to say that they would like to meet someone with a similar financial background. We would expect this to increase as we begin to mark the concept in the coming months with a full roll out towards the end of the year.

The service costs £39 a month, with a full one month’s trial for those who aren’t sure and wish to give it a try before committing.