Tuesday, 03 October 2017 13:52

We Are Not Century Finance In Barnsley

We have received many calls over the last week asking us if we are Century Finance or are connected to them in any way. We understand that there are issues with Century Finance and it has been brought to our attention that our address and contact details have been copied.

We believe this is a bogus company who are scamming people out of money asking for upfront fees for a loan that will never be paid out. Please do not make any payments to them and contact the FCA immediately if you have any dealings with them. We are in no way connected to them and therefore can’t help you with your enquiry. We are regulated by the FCA and they can confirm that we have no connection with Century Finance.

All enquiries must be forwarded to the FCA regarding any links to Century Finance, the contact number you need to call is 0300 500 8082 explaining what issues you have encountered. If you do call the number for Century Finance then you will get through to us here at Quick Loans and we will only forward you to the FCA.

They are not only defrauding and infuriating you but they are taking a lot of time out of our day to answer these calls when we should be concentrating on our own business. If you call the FCA then they will be able to investigate your issue and we can get on with promoting our own business. If you receive an application form, then please do not send this to us via the post, please forward it to the FCA as it may be able to be used as evidence.