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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 09:18

Want to see the level of stupidity we have to deal with each day?

There is an image that all of our customers are hardworking individuals that have fallen on hard times. We need to introduce you to a whole new level of stupidity - the Corbyn voter!

We guarantee this is 100% genuine and came in yesterday. Unfortunately, it is totally indicative of what we have to face each day as we battle through the hordes of highly educated low wattage operating systems that we are forced to call "customers".

This idiot wants to know if he should pay someone money upfront for a loan. We knew we had a genius on our hands when this guy emails us like he is talking to the computer from Star Trek, no hello, no thanks - zilch. We therefore decided to reply in a sarcastic manner and tell him to pay us £19.99 so that we could tell him if it was a scam or not. We didn't expect him to come back and ask how to pay.

This is what happens when we live in a nanny state. 


  • Comment Link Lol Sis Lol Sis

    How do you know that this person hasn't got learning difficulties? Rather than laughing and poking fun at him like a big bully why dont you think that he might have some difficulties and just be straight up with him and help the guy out. Calling him an idiot is just horrible and its people like you that makes people want to retreat and have nothing to do woth anyone. You're not big and clever youre just showing yourself for the nasty little bully that you clearly are.

  • Comment Link me me

    funny though none the less :'))) haha

  • Comment Link suzzi suzzi

    did you get the twenty quid out of him though?! hahahaha

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