Friday, 23 January 2015 17:34

Thumbs up for FCA

We wanted to express our thanks to the Financial Conduct Authority today. We criticise them quite a bit on their policies but their service and courtesy are second to none when it comes to regulators.

We recently wrote to them and asked for certain things under the Freedom of Information Act. Technically what we were asking for wasn't covered under the FOI Act and they could have just told us to file another request with the correct procedure. To their credit they didn't, they answered our questions in the spirit of openess and this is always the sign of a great regulator. 

We wish that all departments / linked departments of the Government were as open and as helpful as the FCA as the system would move a lot smoother. We still criticise what the Government is asking them to do but that's a different issue. In tackling fraud and scams, the FCA are making headway on warning people. This is something no department has doen before and will have saved many victims from losing out.