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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 17:26

    Swindon Honda Sacrificed For French Farmers

    On Monday, Honda announced that it was closing their Swindon branch in 2022. Of course, the remainers were out in force on this one, blaming Brexit as usual. On this though, the opposite is true. The EU sold out Swindon Honda for French Farmers, Italian Cheesemakers and big German Car Manufacturers.

    The Honda plant is closing because the EU just signed a Free Trade Agreement with Japan. Now, you might say that the EU is entitled to look after its own interests, especially since the UK is leaving the EU. But they have been negotiating this since long before the Brexit Referendum of 2016, infact it was March 2013. It pre-dates anything Brexit.

    In this agreement, It stated that the EU would drop tariffs on vehicles imported from Japan if Japan would drop it's 30% tariffs on Cheese and 15% Tariff on Wines.

    Beef and Pork exports from the EU to Japan would massively increase. They are benefiting French farmers.

    Commit Japan to EU Car standards with the results that EU exports of Cars to Japan would be significantly easier. One big one for Mercedes and BMW's to benefit from right there.

    Don't believe us? Read the document here:

    EU Japan Free Trade Agreement

    In the run-up to the referendum of 2016, Nigel Farage warned people that the EU would negotiate these deals to protect French Farmers and German car makers. This has now become blatantly obvious that he was spot on. 

    We were sold out whilst we are still in the EU, we are being sold out whilst the EU is trying to get us to change our mind. Imagine what they'll do if they weren't trying to convince us to stay.

    Signing this FTA was the final nail in the Swindon coffin. It will also be the final nail in the coffin of Sunderland's Nissan plant. Whilst in the EU, or in May's deal, there is nothing we can do to convince Honda or Nissan to stay, so why should they? The only option now is a clean Brexit. 

    When will someone finally stand up for the UK? 

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