Tuesday, 11 December 2018 00:58

Quick Loans To Launch Avoid.com

We are proud to announce the launch of Avoid.com, the unique travel review site with no good reviews allowed.

The people behind the success of Quick Loans are exiting the finance industry for good and from the 1st of January 2019 will start a completely new travel review website. Our aim is to make this the world's biggest travel review website within 5 years.

Not another travel review website, what's new?

Unlike every other travel review website, we will focus exclusively, allowing only on negative reviews on the site. There are several reasons for this:

1) Behavioural studies show that people look at reviews to contradict, not to confirm, what the seller (booking site) is telling them. If there are 500 reviews, they will usually look for the negative ones first. Avoid.com will get right to the point.

2) Good reviews are often fake, even we don't know the ratio but it has become a growing problem. There is a fundamental problem with positive reviews. They don't require a challenge from the other side. No business is going to call the review site and asked for a "fake positive" to be removed. Avoid.com is different, businesses will proactively ask for "fake negatives" to be removed. We have several layers of safeguards in place for this to happen.

3) Review sites are naturally conflicted. Review websites make money from commissions when travels book through their site or by clicking links on their sites. This means that there are many complaints from reviewers that negative reviews are being deleted/censored by the review site.

One last thing, because this site is about free speech. We will be banning Google from visiting our site. Avoid.com will not appear in Google until we are satisfied that they have fully abandoned their censorship policies. We will not build this business on the unsteady ground. The "Avoid.com" brand is powerful enough to do this.

We expect that users will find their hotel or service they want on another site, but we want to make Avoid.com, the last place travellers ever click before they book.

Owner Graeme Wingate says, "We've achieved everything we wanted to do in finance, now is time for a new challenge. We still believe that we can start a unicorn from scratch, even if that is an industry that we are totally new to. Outsiders often shake things up by looking at things from a different angle."

Avoid.com, Avoid.co.uk, Avoid.uk are trading names of Quick Loans Ltd. We have no links to any outside businesses, investment arms, or existing travel review websites. To concentrate solely on our new review site, we will sell our entire lending portfolio.

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