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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 22:49

Quick Loans New Ad Campaign Warns Customers Against Using Google

The loans website QuickLoans.co.uk has, for the first time, included in its Radio and TV advertising campaign, a warning to customers that they should not try to find "Quick Loans" in Google.
In what may be the first case of an advertiser warning potential customers not to use Google. Quick Loans has said that it had no choice but to act to protect the brand from being hijacked. 
"We are not accusing Google of anything improper, they are free to display whatever results they want to and in whatever order they want. We have just got to a point where we could not sit back and watch our brand diminished by Google any further" said Company Director Graeme Wingate.
The site believes that proactive warnings in ad campaigns about avoiding search engines is on the rise in all types of advertising and will become more common as search results differ from branding.
Quick Loans reported that they witnessed a 40% increase in advertising traffic when they included the warning to customers about trying to find Quick Loans in search engines compared to their previous month when they didn’t. Because of the success of the campaign, Quick Loans will expand on its message of not using search engines in future campaigns.
Quick Loans is fully licensed credit broker and lender with interim permission by the FCA.  The site is not issuing warnings against using other search engines such as BING or Yahoo. Quick Loans will run the advertising campaign in the North of England, both on TV and Radio until June the 25th.
Martin Bishop
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