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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 11:57

Putting tax on the electric car shows the government only care about money not the environment

Do you use your car a lot? If so, now might be the time to sell it and get a push bike. Why? Tax. Basically we know you have to pay tax if you own a car at the moment. There's road tax and tax on your fuel which is why a lot of people have been switching or thinking of making the switch to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles have really come on the last couple of years. They can go far further on just one charge and they look the part too. They are still a little pricey, as is to be expected when it is a new technology/niche, but the future certainly looked bright - that was until the government decided to TAX the green machine.

The whole point of the electric car was that it was good for the environment which is why it was exempt from tax. Because of this many people bought into the notion that the electric car was the way forward and ultimately purchased the electric car and why not? It costs nothing to run, there's no tax, 0-60 speeds are reasonable to say the least and are improving all the time, and they look the part. Now the government has patiently waited and waited for the electric car to take off (not literally) and have done what they set out to do all along...wait until so many have been sold and then decided to stick tax on them - so now there is a large number of people brought into paying tax when they thought they wouldn't have to because they'd purchased a vehicle that was good for the environment. Sneaky so and sos.

To be honest we shouldn't be so surprised, the government did exactly the same with LPG. LPG when it first came to the public's attention was around 10p a litre whilst the cost of petrol and diesel was rising all the time. So what did people do en mass? That's right, they got LPG vehicles in a bid to save cash. The government let so many of these vehicles be sold and then pounced on LPG and taxed it. The same now is happening with electric.  A threshold of people has been out, bought electric cars and now the government has realised there is enough of a  market out there to tax.

It's all about money. Some people may have bought electric with a view to helping the environment but the government's interest always has been and always will be finding a new market to tax. Electric cars are now it.

They have a lot of questions to answer though. How do they stand with the fact that they are taxing something that is by far the best alternative for helping combat climate change with regards harmful emissions? We thought they had an obligation to help combat climate change? Electric cars, in some people's eyes, were the answer to getting diesel and petrol cars off our roads and in turn improving air quality in our towns and cities.

They have also changed their minds with the tax that will be paid on diesel cars too. A few years ago there was a huge push on diesel cars and the government brought tax down on diesel cars in a bid to get more people from petrol. Diesel cars also do more to the gallon so in terms of fuel economy and cash to be saved it made sense for people to buy diesel cars. Now, the government has upped tax on diesel cars to take over the tax on petrol in a bid to sway people back to petrol alternatives. Why? They got it wrong on how bad diesel was for air quality. So all the people that went out and bought diesel cars because of the government's lures are now stuck with cars that they will be paying higher tax on. Some people could be forgiven for thinking that the government have got them over a barrel.

You're always going to get it. Government's are always going to tax the people of the country but it appears that even when you try to do a good deed they just wait in the wings and  tax away anyway. There really is no escape. 

It does beg the question though, could this spell the end of the electric car?

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    Like we needed an article to tell us that the government only cares about tax revenue. All this government is interested in is collecting all the money from the hard workers of this land so that they can drink champagne with their old Etonian chums.
    People need to wise up and kick their backsides out of office.

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