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Poverty figures make for grim reading

Take seven people from the streets, put them around a table and chances are one of those people will be living in poverty. How bad is that? When you put it like that it’s hard to comprehend that there are so many people out there living alongside us that are in such desperate need and one wonders how it ever got to this point.

Tragically, the ‘one in seven living in poverty’ figure doesn’t tell the whole dire story either. Figures actually highlight that one in seven people have now lived in poverty for three years or more and things show no sign of picking up.

Figures obtained from our source also show that nearly twelve and a half per cent of people in Britain are destined to be in poverty for the next decade because there is no sign of them being able to get back on top of their dwindling finances. This is terrible, both from a monetary perspective and from a wellbeing perspective. Little wonder that debt and financial problems have been having such a detrimental effect on people’s mental health.

Things really get put into perspective when you analyse the figures in real terms as well. As it stands, there are around 13.9 million people that are classed as in poverty – this basically means that once all bills have been paid, there is barely enough money left for these people to feed themselves, their children and keep warm. Nearly fourteen million. Now that is some figure.

Child Poverty

Even more heart-breaking is that of this number, nearly 5 million are children – that’s children who live in a home that cannot sufficiently feed them and keep them warm – it’s becoming somewhat of a national disgrace.

What is most disheartening is the fact that nearly 8 and a half million people in the poverty figure are all working adults, which highlights still further that wage rises are needed urgently and the government needs to do more to bring down prices on things such as utility bills. It is inconceivable that someone who goes to work 9-5 to provide for themselves and their family can be in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. There is something seriously wrong with society and these issues need addressing with immediate effect.

If people aren’t given the help and the support they need, more and more families are going to be sucked into the poverty hole that appears to be growing larger year on year. Currently it is anticipated that 3 million families are only 12 per cent above what is classed as the ‘poverty line’ so by the end of next year and with prices continuing to rise on everything from groceries to energy, it is quite feasible that these families will be sucked in and we will be reporting on yet another rise in the number of families who cannot afford to feed themselves.

The poverty figures that we have provided also exclude the elderly, which also stands at a record high of 1.6 million.

It almost pains us to have to say it, and we really don’t want to patronise hard working people as we completely understand that most of the time poverty is not down to any monetary misdemeanours on their part, but for people struggling there are a few tips to bear in mind to try and rein in the spending.

Firstly, and it’s all common-sense stuff, people should get their bank statements and a list of all outgoings and find out where every penny is being spent. Only when people get down to the nitty gritty can they see where unnecessary money is being leaked and try to alter this trend. Cutting back wherever possible is the first port of call when trying to save money.

Secondly, people should make sure they’re claiming for all they’re entitled to. If there is help out there, take it. Thresholds for certain benefits alter all the time so it is always worth your while checking to see if there is any help towards finances.

Energy and utility bills are the devil for many householders – it is these with their constant rises that make it so difficult for hard-working families to get by – so make sure you religiously check tariffs to make sure you are not being overcharged. Always use comparison sites and switch whenever possible to the best deal.

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    yet these kids that are in 'poverty' have got iphones and wear the latest adidas trainers sorry but my heart can't break when i see this kind of thing walking down my road day in day out

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