Tuesday, 11 December 2018 17:52

New Food Bank Opening In Barnsley

Quick Loans has some exciting news to announce – we will soon be launching a new Food Bank right here in Barnsley.

We have always been determined to help people who have come into financial difficulty and have made it a personal business mission to help the poverty-stricken wherever possible through our range of financial products. Now, as more people than ever before struggle to make ends meet, we want to up the ante and pursue other avenues that could help people most in need.

That is why we have decided to branch out into the food bank as we believe that this shows just how determined we are to help others.

The Quick Loans food bank will operate in a straightforward manner and bears some resemblance to the hallmarks of the brand. People will be able to borrow food from us at our location in Barnsley, without credit checks. They will then be able to repay the food bank with the same food plus a couple more items.

Let’s explain. When families get to the end of the month they tend to open the food cupboards in their kitchen only to realise that these said cupboards are bare. All too often people struggle through, having to forego meals whilst refusing to get financial assistance through fear of their pride taking a beating. Now though, our food bank announcement might just be the lifeline that people need.

Unlike other food banks, we will be offering high-quality luxury brands that are well within their sell-by dates but often out of reach of most peoples budgets. Items from the likes of Marks and Spencer's for example.

If you need a loaf of bread and a four-pack of beans to tide you over until you get paid, don’t fear, that is exactly what we can offer you. If you approach our food bank for these items, this is exactly what we will give you. A little like our loan service, they will then be expected to replace the same items with an extra two tins of beans. Just like if they borrowed money, they would be expected to pay the money back, plus interest on a traditional loan. This food bank will operate in the same vein; food can be borrowed and then replaced like for like with a couple of extra items thrown in for ‘interest’.

Most of the workings of our food bank can be found in our terms and conditions which will be published shortly, but it is a pretty straightforward process. Any amount of food can be borrowed, so long as the food repaid matches brand for brand.

We really do believe that there is a gap in the market for this kind of service and we are hoping people really get behind us. People are struggling up and down the country, but these struggles vary from time to time. Sometimes people need a bundle of cash to pay for late bills and repairs and sometimes people need the odd meal or ingredients that will tide them over until they get paid in a day or two – we are hoping our food bank service will meet this need.

We want to be the champion for the needy. Whether it be financial or food related, ours should be the name that always sticks in your mind.

Let us be clear, there are no credit checks, there are no late fees, if people can't repay the food on time then there will be no enforcement. The extra food that is repaid will allow us to lend food to more people and expand the scheme further.


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    did this ever happen was it even true im from sheffield and my friends from town say they havent seem anything

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    Are food banks registered with the FCA?

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