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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Thursday, 02 November 2017 15:52

    Mis-sold Your Student Loan? Join Our Legal Challenge

    We are looking for a mixture of 10 current and former students who feel they may have been mis-sold their students loans. We are looking into are the possibility of funding a legal challenge against the Government backed Student Loans Company.

    The rules on lending are very clear and there are certain checks that providers of credit must perform before issuing loans and finance to individuals.

    One of the main avenues we want to explore is that affordability checks on students are not, and have not being conducted. As far as we know at this point there is no legislation that allows the Government, The Student Loan Company to bypass this and other important financial safeguards. There are several other legal inconsistencies that we are planning to seek clarity on.

    What we are offering

    QuickLoans.co.uk is offering to cover the legal costs of these test cases. This offer is fully inclusive of any charges and potential charges, even if things go wrong and we are not successful. Under no circumstances will anyone be out of pocket.

    Just to be clear, the offer is free of charge and we are not asking for any kind of payment if we win or lose. If we win, your debt may be cancelled in full or in part. If we are unsuccessful – you walk away without anything to pay.

    Our motivation

    We want to have a level playing field when it comes to finance. We find it hard to witness the hypocrisy that the Government and Authorities use as a justification to hurt our sector, but yet quietly do far worse. We understand many of your may not agree with what we do for a business. We aren’t asking for you to agree with us or give us good reviews. You will still be entitled to your opinion about our sector if that is how you feel.

    Our industry has often had a bad press, it comes under endless attack through legal challenges due to financial regulations that the Government implements. Yet when it comes to the way they behave, they don’t want to be held to those same standards or the same laws. That for us is totally wrong. We want to point out that their rules should have consequences for them too.

    We don’t want to make any promises regarding the prospects of success but we promise we will explore every legal avenue possible. We wouldn’t be spending tens of thousands of pounds on this if we didn’t think we would have a real chance.

    If you are interested in being one of our test cases, please contact us using our contact us page.

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