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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Sunday, 07 December 2014 15:03

    Man in Gold Hat Urges Help For The hungry

    This isn’t a wind up, it is the latest from the UK’s comedy “do as I say - not as I do brigade”. You simply couldn’t make it up.

    This time it’s the Arch Bishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s turn to be Chief Hypocrite. Writing in today’s Mail on Sunday he has called on the Government to start funding food banks to the tune of £150m.

    We apologise to have to point this out but the Church of England has one of the biggest property portfolio’s in the whole of the UK. Not only that, they have hundreds of millions invested in the stock market.

    Why doesn’t the Church of England sell a few properties and fund a few food banks of their own?

    This is symbolic of the whole cesspit of a country that the UK has become. There is a endless number of self appointed social guru’s that are pontificating over what other people should be doing and never putting their own money where their own mouths are.

    We see it all the time in the loan industry. People with fake rants on their blogs about “how expensive loans are”. Well, why do they not start their own loans company with loans cheaper than anyone else’s? Surely this would put the more expensive ones out of business?

    We suspect that even they themselves know what they are saying is garbage. It’s fine to con their thousands of followers but they know and we know that if they ever backed their own rants, they’d be bankrupt shortly after.

    We really need regulation against people like Justin Welby and Martin Lewis. They are quite dangerous people if you look into what they are saying in any great detail.

    They could prove us wrong though, although have to do is to follow their own preaching’s an do with their own money what they want others to do with their’s.

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