Wednesday, 01 March 2017 09:51

Is an election on the credit cards?

Is a general election looming? That is what we’re asking ourselves here. There has been talk about it from numerous sides but there is still people wondering when the time will come when Theresa May will call the much talked about general election.

At the end of 2016, the likelihood of an election this year seemed to be quite high, especially after the High Court decided that that Parliament had a vote with regards to the triggering of Article 50.

But now Brexit seems to be rolling again, the odds of a general election have dipped somewhat but we still think there is a good possibility that a general election is on the cards.

Theresa May has come out and said that she won’t call an election until 2020 but surely she must be tempted? Especially as Brexit seems to be getting moving and her popularity has risen somewhat after showing that she isn’t a pushover when the going gets tough. She is also in a strong position in respect that her opposite number is Jeremy Corbyn and Labour has never been in such a state as it is now.

Nobody in the Labour party, if they are completely honest, believes there is a cat in hell’s chance of winning an election whilst Jeremy Corbyn is in charge. To put it politely, he’s a fruitcake. His excessive leftie rhetoric is pushing everyone away including life long labour voters who have always voted Labour to protect their rights as workers and to look after the working class and give them a fighting chance. What Corbyn has brought to the fore, though, is instability whereby none of his MPs want to serve in the shadow cabinet. In fact the Corbyn shadow cabinet has had more spring cleans than we care to remember and we are not yet even out of winter.

Corbyn’s views on immigration also do not tally up with what the majority of labour voters want. He basically wants uncontrolled immigration, whereas the majority of labour voters want controls on immigration and this is the real stumbling block for Labour at the moment.

Step up the conservatives who are prizing some labour voters away with their ‘party for the working people’ rhetoric and Theresa May is in a pretty strong position at the moment. 

To be fair it could go both ways, there may be an election, there may not. Theresa May so far has stuck by everything she has said she is going to do and she did say that she wouldn’t call an election until 2020 so we will wait and see. She’s in a pretty strong position at the moment though. She’s pretty liked (loads more than Corbyn anyway) and she seems pretty strong on dealing with Brexit. 

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