Monday, 16 October 2017 08:04

How to Reduce Your Water Bill

Remember when your water bill was for a set amount? No matter how conscious you were about saving water, you still had that same bill to meet every month. Now, thankfully, things have changed. Since more households are now on water meters, we have far more control over the amount we spend.

If you live alone, or you are part of a couple, chances are your bill may already have gone down. If you have a large family, it may have gone the other way. But the good news is you can still save money every month if you pay close attention to how you use your water. 

We’ve put together some tips here to get you started. There are plenty more things you can do though, so make sure you explore all the options.

Don’t leave taps running if you don’t need to

Filling a sink with water is one thing, but turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth. Getting into this habit can save a lot of water daily, let alone over a month or the whole year.

Stay alert for leaks

Is your toilet cistern leaking? Do you have a leaky tap? Get these fixed as soon as they start to leak, otherwise the water loss will add up and you’ll pay more for your water supplies.

Explore water-saving devices – some of which are free

The Save Water Save Money website allows you to enter your postcode to see which free devices you can order to save