Wednesday, 30 August 2017 09:37

How Quickly Do Authorities Act On Scams? Part 1

Later this week or early next we are going to be running a new story on enforcement by the FCA, and Action Fraud.

As luck would have it (bad luck for consumers) we have this week become aware of someone trying to scam customers by pretending to be us. We've decided to do a live test, just how long will it take for a scam site to be removed and the public be protected?

We will make reports to the FCA, Action Fraud using the methods they advise. It will be interesting to see what happens and what action is taken. Whilst we are realistic enough not to expect arrests to be made (criminals are probably based in India), we do expect the domain name to be deleted to stop harm being down to UK consumers. Nominet, who run the .uk domain name network have facilities open to Action Fraud and the FCA which allows them to shut down (without Court Orders) domain names used for crime - will the FCA or Action Fraud use it here, let's see!


Yesterday we became aware for a member of the public that they had been contacted by a website very similar to ours, we don't want to link to it for obvious reasons but if you take our web address and add "ltd" at the end of quickloans*** then you will get there.

"Dear Sir/ Madam,

I was recently offered a loan by 'Quick Loans Ltd', but I am unsure it really was your company. The company's registered address is 20 Lombard Street, Inverness, IV1 1QQ - phone number 0330 117 0121, email address -  info@quickloans*** and web address - www.quickloans*** 

None of these details appear on your website, so I'm a little confused. I am very concerned that this is a scam. 
Please advise and let me know if you have received any loan applications under my name.
Thank you 
Ki** ***
P.S I have attached one of the forms they sent me. "

They are contacting people and asking for fees to provide loans, it's an obvious scam. They are running a site without FCA permission and using our company name in their url.

The ownership details of the website are in the name of Potter Ltd but we highly doubt that they have anything to do with this and the scammers out in India are just using their details to register the name.

Action Taken

30/08/17 Reported to the FCA and Action Fraud -

Current Status - website still live


Update 01/09/17 - FCA been in contact to say that they have been in touch with the domain name Registrar and the name is in the process of being cancelled. That's very impressive, 24 hours or so is pretty decent in our opinion.