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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Tuesday, 04 September 2018 14:32

    How Quick Can You Go? Win a Drive in an F1 Car!

    Everything we do at Quick Loans is about speed, but this time it is your chance. We are holding a competition to and the winner will receive a drive in a real F1 Car.

    You don’t need to get a loan from us to enter. Don’t worry, 99.9% of those entering won’t have taken a loan from us so there will be no financial stigma to joining in the fun.

    What is the prize?

    The prize is 6 laps around Monza in a 1998 Arrows Formula Car, the same one Damon Hill drove. First to warm up you also get 10 laps in a Formula 3 car and you also get expert tuition in a fast road car before any of that. After all we don’t want the competition winner dying on us after hitting a wall at 200mph, the paperwork from the FCA would be horrendous and the anti-loan campaigner Stella the “fun stopper” Creasy would have a fit.

    Accommodation and Flights included

    Selecting a Winner!

    From the entrants, we will randomly select 16 participants. These 16 will then take part in a Go-Kart race in Barnsley. The fastest person will go through to drive the F1 car in April 2019.

    There are some restrictions to do with height and weight. Because of this, we will allow the winner to choose someone to take the prize on their behalf if they win.

    If you want to enter but know that you won’t drive any of the cars, then please Tweet or post in Facebook the initials of the person you want to take part for you.

    We don’t want people substituting themselves for professional drivers later, so we will be strict on this if you win. We will only allow someone to drive if they have the same initials that were posted.

    How to enter?

    You can enter in any of the following 2 methods

    • Tweet this page using the button below and paste the hashtag #quickloans
    • Click the Facebook like button below

    By doing any of the above, we will be receive notification and you will have enter. 

    *** Remember you will also need to Tweet or place in your message the initials of the driver that will take part if you don’t want to drive yourself.

    *** One entry per social media account

    Closing Date for entries 10th of October 2018

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