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Sunday, 29 January 2017 09:00

How Donald Trump may not be so bad after all – he may even save you money

No doubt every article that you’ve read about Donald Trump since he’s become President of the United States of America has been negative. And to be fair, some of the crack-pot comments he’s made, you can’t really argue with certain media outlets going to town on him. We’re going to buck the trend a little though. We know he’s a divisive character – although he does court this and he does like the negativity that comes with it – but ultimately, he is going to be making some changes that may not be all that bad.

The biggest thing that sticks in our mind is the potential trade deal with the US since Brexit. Before he was elected president, Donald Trump was a big supporter of Brexit and said that should Britain vote to leave the EU, they would certainly not be at the back of the queue. It certainly looks rosy for Britain in that department. It also looks a lot more fruitful since David Cameron left the leadership post and Theresa May took the reins. David Cameron and Donald Trump didn’t get off to the best start and relations were strained before the Trump got into power. David Cameron said that he thought Donald Trump’s remarks were ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’. He also said that if Donald Trump came to visit the UK that he (David Cameron) would unite the country against him.

Mr Trump retaliated at the time and said that he thought he wasn’t going to have a good relationship with Mr Cameron and that he feared David Cameron wasn’t going to address certain problems that needed sorting out.

Mr Trump seems to be a big fan of Theresa May, however, and it appears Theresa May also wants to strengthen the special relationship. This can only be a good and profitable thing for Britain. Many are actually predicting that we will be in a better financial position with regards trade with Donald Trump at the helm.

Donald Trump will also be impacting on foreign policies in a way never experienced before; links with Russia, for instance, would be unprecedented and could impact on goings on around the world. This would not necessarily impact on the UK financially but will undoubtedly affect how the world deals with things in Eastern Europe. Again, it may not be such a bad thing to have Russia on talking terms. Many people are shrieking at the prospect of America and Russia being twinned, but if Russia is a little more open with America, surely this is better than sitting on the outside and wondering what’s happening in the ever-secretive country.

Something that Donald Trump is proposing that could also impact on countries around the world is his plans to stop committing to some climate change policies. Now of course this will outrage some people, but ultimately a lot of money is spent on combatting global warming and a lot of taxation is put on large firms because of ridiculous thresholds regarding how much energy they use. Scrapping some of these targets will mean companies will be able to prosper more and could also mean that energy companies will reduce their prices (this is because a lot of what people pay for in their energy bills goes towards climate management). If this can happen in America, who’s to say that it won’t follow in the UK. Whether you like it or not, and whether you believe his policies are right or wrong, he is one of the most important men in the world right now and what he does will impact on a global platform. The UK in particular is intrinsically linked with the US. It’s like a marriage that is difficult to end. They need us, we need them. It may not always be plain sailing but it is in everyone’s best interests to remain together as being apart would cause a lot of hassle. 

It remains to be seen whether or not his tenure will be a positive one. Most people have already written him off as the worst president that the United States has ever had but you never know, some of his policies may actually prove to work and benefit some of America’s people. If it does, it could change the entire world’s attitudes to politics. The lefties will tell you this will never happen, but the ones out there with common sense may just think it’s not that bad after all.