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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Monday, 21 January 2019 16:50

    How did Apple get away with it for so long?

    Do you own an Apple item - maybe an iPhone, a Mac computer or an iPad? If you don't, you're in the minority, and chances are if you don't you will know someone who does.

    Last year Apple market share was just short of 25 per cent of the market - up from the six months prior and it boasted over half of the smartphone market share a couple of years ago - not bad for a company which has been ripping people off with extortionate prices since its launch.

    They have seemingly appeared invincible for years - until now.

    People are finally starting to see through the marketing bull that they have been fed and are waking up to the fact that there are better alternatives out there, and the figures speak for themselves.

    Apple know this too which is why they're moving away from focussing on the mass market and are instead concentrating on maximising profits through pricing strategies. In the last year, Apple has lost a grip on the smartphone market share in China and is struggling to retain dominance in Europe because of competition from brands such as Huawei.

    The Android operating system is also wiping the floor with iOS.

    We say it's about time. In fact, we can't believe they've managed to hold on for so long. They've over-charged customers for years, and yet their products have so many frustrating flaws. One of the most complained about aspects to the iPhone, in particular, is that the handset does not support many applications and the only way people can access these applications is by hacking the device. Android in comparison is much more user-friendly. Once you have an Apple product, that's it, you're in their grasp, and it's the Apple way or nothing at all. Finally, thankfully, people are saying enough is enough, and they are migrating to more flexible options that are cheaper. It's frustrated us for many years the way people have flocked to Apple, but now their grip is being loosened we think it can only be a positive thing for the technology market in general.

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