Wednesday, 21 March 2018 19:31

Free Speech Under Threat – From A Nazi Dog, Really?

It’s not all that often that we get a little bit serious with our news updates but on this occasion we feel that it is right and just to do so. A man could be jailed in Scotland over a humorous video of a dog performing a Nazi salute. The irony of course is that not even Hitler locked anyone up for that. In fact, if they did, he may even have shot them for mocking him.

The background of the story is published across the web, it doesn’t need us to go over it again in detail. But for those that don’t know, a man who decided that he would make light of his partners cute dog by training it to raise its paw whenever it heard certain German phrases from a time when many of those offended weren’t even born. For that he now faces prison after being found guilty of a hate crime.

This is of course ridiculous; it’s so silly that it needs addressing now.

What we are offering the chap is that for everyday he spends in prison, we will pay him £100. This isn’t a stunt, it is 100% genuine. We want the PC crowd to understand that there are more of us than there are of them. They are in the minority not us. For Quick Loans Ltd it is a great business decision to back people on freedom of speech issues. It’s an ever growing concern in the UK, commercially and morally it makes sense for us. We are more than happy to be seen to back this man with our pockets. It won't end his problems or his stress, but at least he will know that  he won't be punished too hard financially.

We won’t just stop at this Gentleman either, we will now start to back those who are under fire from the PC brigade bullies. This will be done on a case by case decision because we don’t want to support hateful people, but like the rest of the public, unlike the judiciary and the political classes. We think we are more than able to judge between genuine hate, real issues and a joke.

So over to you Sheriff O’Carroll how much do we need to pay this chap?

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    My cat sat and watched a programme with me about whether or not the holocaust was real. She kept shaking her head all the way through it and licking her a** She's a holocaust denier i think. Will we get in trouble too?

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