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Monday, 26 June 2017 03:21

Flash happy speed cameras making a packet for local police at drivers' expense

Speed cameras rake in millions of pounds a year in fines but it appears that some seem more flash happy than others – and we thought we’d better give you the heads up as to where they were so you could protect yourself and your pocket.

Whilst we don’t deny that there need to be incentives for drivers to slow down, we can also see drivers’ frustrations when you realise the amount of money that is made by some cameras on an annual basis.

Which is why we thought we’d distribute the latest information that highlights the worst offending cameras.

Of course, it would be irresponsible for us to just advise where speed cameras are without emphasising the importance of driving safely and within the speed limit.

It makes sense that if you don’t speed and stick to the law then you won’t get a fine anyway, but we are warning people who don’t deliberately speed but who may get caught out doing slightly over the limit, to be aware.

Figures were obtained as part of a Freedom of Information request and show the most money hungry cameras from over a year ago. It is suspected that these speed cameras are still some of the top earners for local police.

One of the most prolific cameras is known to be a camera that is stationed on the A1 northbound close to Grantham in Lincolnshire. It caught 17 offences in one day on average and was a good earner. It was so much of a good earner in fact that it was replaced last year and there are now eight average speed cameras littering that very route – which cost nearly a million pound to erect.

Other cameras that are known to be hungry in terms of flashing and consequently dishing out fines include; M180, Scunthorpe, three on the M25 in and around London Orbital Junction, A14 Bythorn, Cambridgeshire and the A12, Stratford St Mary Southbound.

The road in Lincolnshire near Scunthorpe was known for raising over half a million pounds in fines in just one year. That is just one-speed camera on one stretch of road. You can imagine how lucrative the speed cameras are as a combined entity. 

We could debate all day whether or not speed cameras are merely in place to earn money or to actually keep people safe, but one thing is for sure, if people don’t speed then nobody would have to pay a fine. Surely the thought of paying hundreds in fines and being safe is enough of a lure to keep the speed down. Don’t make it easy to give your money away.