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Tuesday, 06 June 2017 22:43

Finance Director Needed - £75000 a year, plus bonus and company car

Quick Loans is a large personal finance group that includes brands such as QuickLoans.co.uk

We are returning to lending this year and now looking to expand our talented team. Quick Loans is expecting the lending industry's price caps to be relaxed in 2018 and is preparing to re-enter into full scale lending. Our expected Turnover over the coming years is expected to be between £25m to £35m.

We are seeking someone who is dynamic, has the drive to improve our business and come up with innovative solutions from the ground up. 

As Finance Director, you will report to the board with updates on all aspects of the companies finances, deliver projections about our business. Quick Loans covers a number of lending brands in our Group, we would expect a Finance Director to organise and cover all of these within his job role.

Job Description

* Bring new solutions to how we operate

* Provide detailed financial insight into our brands

* Take complete ownership and responsibility to the financial well being of the Group

* Report to the rest of the board

* Working around 35 hours a week

* 6 weeks holiday per year

To sum up, we are looking for someone that wants to help us grow as a business. We are in an exciting industry that has amazing potential for growth but also involves a number of challenges that are not always within our control. The right candidate will be rewarded with an excellent remuneration package including bonus and company car.

We don't have any hard rules for experience or skills required by candidates, we will assess each candidate on their own work and educational history, their attitude and ability to work as part as a team.

To apply, please contact us or email us your CV at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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