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Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:37

Don't Give Money To The Cox Campaign - You Are Funding Terrorism

We are urging people not to support the campaign of fake sainthood that is the memory of Jo Cox, because it's complete and utter false.

As the media drool over their latest martyr, one would be forgiven for thinking are we talking about the same person that is Jo Cox. We are used to seeing deceptions by now, but this one in the memory of Jo Cox being played out by our media is whopper.

Mrs Cox is a person who is indirectly responsible for the deaths, sex trafficking of many thousands through her crazy simplistic view of the world. Anything from encouraging refugees to cross the dangers waters of the med with their kids, to funding organisations that encourage regime change in Syria.

In fact one, which her socalled saintly husband is collecting for her in her memory on the GoFundMe page is for an organisation called "white helmets". The "White Helmets" is  propaganda arm of the groups fighting the legitimate Government of Syria - that's terrorists to you and me. You contributing to the Cox fund is putting life's in Syria at risk. How would you like it if the Syrian's were holding collections for Lee Rigby's killers?

The White Helmets don't need your cash, they are funded by George Soros, Governments in the UK, US and terrorist groups like Jabat Al-Nusra (an Al_Qaeda affiliate). Nor are they a charity which is being claimed by some.

Her husband resigned from the Charity "Save Our Children" in 2015 with allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards female employees. Allegations that he denies, but still resigned over.

Save the Children Exec Quits

The day before she died, she and her husband were part of the flotilla that was attempting to disrupt the UK fisherman campaign to leave the UK. The one where Geldorf, was hanging off the boat drinking and holding two fingers to our sailors - yes that one.

Cox was far from a saint, nobody deserves to die, in no way did anything she do warrant that. With her policies, her memory must be used to hold her and others to account for the part she played in attempted regime change in Syria that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, the drownings on the med and many other failed neo liberal policies. 

If you want to give money to a cause, why not the mental health charities that cater for people who think it is legitimate to shoot people. Probably just not hippy enough for our elites like her husband Brendan.