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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Sunday, 28 December 2014 12:30

    Domain Name Loans

    We are a big investors in financing domain names. This includes those wanting to purchase them and those who already own them but want to raise finance on them - similar to pawning them.

    We only deal in domain names that end in .uk or .co.uk. Unfortunately we don't have the experience or knowledge to value domains that end in .com so we tend to stay away from them.

    The very basics of it is similar to mainstream pawning of items. Whereas others pawn watches and cars, people pawn domain names with us. We would hold the domain name during the term of the loan. However the borrower can still use the domain name by giving us the nameservers they want to use.

    The domain names have to be of a reasonable quality, we won't be lending on domains that are worthless. 

    As this is a total bespoke credit package, you will have to use the "contact us" page and contact us about what names you need to raise capital on. If we think the domain names are of value, we will then put together a quote for you that will include the APR and other terms. Sending us an email is not an application - it is a proposal that we can work from to put a package together for you.

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