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    Saturday, 22 August 2015 07:02

    Daily Mail readers reach a whole new level of stupidity

    Sometimes our eyes are drawn to a story on a website which we would normally never visit, never mind read. Well today was one of those days and what we found left us in no doubt that some sort of clinical inbreeding program is taking place by those that contribute to one of the biggest online news sites in the UK - The Daily Mail.

    The article related to this story of a couple who were yesterday convicted of defrauding the payday lender Wonga. These two Jeremy Kyle extras thought it would be a great idea to sign other people up for loans, cancel the debit card linked to the loan so that Wonga couldn't take repayments. Then make Facebook posts and video clips for YouTube about how to do it. The idea was so stupid it doesn't really warrant any further comments from us.

    Anyway, we thought we would take a look at the comments on the Daily Mail website as they are always good for a laugh. The intellect there is pretty low at the best of times and this time was no different. This time they were commenting on some of their fellow interbred brothers and sisters up before the law - chances are it was going to be pretty funny. We weren't to be disappointed.

    The top rated comment on there was these (top comments mean those approved by fellow readers):

    1: LOCO, Durham, United Kingdom,

    Wonga deserve this... They should be in the docks for the thousands of vulnerable people that they knowingly deceit.

    2: wampum, Springfield, Afghanistan,

    Conning the conman. Bellisimo!

    Others followed in the same light and there wasn't one person pointing out one the very simple fact that - If it wasn't for people not paying Wonga back, they would be able to afford cheaper prices!

    It's as though lenders are different from shops where shoplifters take property and force paying customers to pay for the losses. 

    As lenders, this level of stupidity astounds us; lenders have to pass costs of those that don't pay - onto those that do. Those that do pay are in part repaying the debts of those that don't, or in this case those that try to scam the system. Why the people of the Daily Mail have sympathy with these people is unexplainable. Mind you, why we end up paying for the so-called education of those readers is beyond us we suppose.

    Maybe we should ban from lending those that read the Daily Mail?

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