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Tuesday, 24 April 2018 18:10

Charities now have a worse reputation than payday lenders

We've always known it, but now it seems that even the public agrees. A recent survey conducted for Polls.co.uk shows that the charity sector now has a lower approval rating than short-term lenders. Including losing out in a direct head to head with the lending industry.

In a poll that ran from March the 1st, 2018, to March 31st, 2018. A survey of 3122 people identified that the Charity sector was now the least trusted of any industry in the UK, including the lending sector and specifically the payday loan market.

Of those who were polled, the reasons cited by those critical of charities included unjustifiably high salaries, a culture of bullying and sexual misconduct. Yet the most popular reason given was the amount of money eaten up by expenses before it reached those it was meant to help. 

In a way this isn't surprising, recent events that have hit the headlines have included UNICEF with the systematic child abuse scandal in Haiti, the sacking of whistleblowers who tried to alert authorities. The Brendan Cox scandal which wasn't covered by the mainstream media until this year, even though we warned our readers 2 years ago that this was happening and not to follow the Saint Brendan narrative.

In addition to the scandals related to bullying, there are the unjustifiably high salaries that some in the charity industry command. Take for example the Wellcome Trust who paid one of its staff members 3.06m in 2016. The average CEO wage across the top 100 UK charities is now over £255,000 according to the report from the third sector. Even those that staff local Charity shops can command around £30,000 a year in salary. Compared to those in the private sector whose salaries are often significantly lower.

Finally, we reached the point which caused most unease - the amount of money reaching good causes. Some charities out there get away with spending as low as 1% on actual good causes, the other 99% being eaten up with operating costs (salaries and expenses). Whilst some charities will spend all 100% on the good cause, it's the ones that spend the least that continue to get the headlines and tarnish the good charities out there.  

One investigation by the True and Fair foundation found that in 2015, "292 charities with a combined income of over £2.4 billion spent less than 10% on their described activities". The worst being Lloyd's Register Foundation that spent less than 1% of their income on activities. 

The overall view of the public these days is that charities are out there to raise money to cover their own expenses rather than that of their stated good cause. In truth, people that chose the charity sector for their careers are often unemployable in the real world. Certainly, on nothing like the salaries or being allowed the responsibility they are receiving in the charity sector.

You can imagine that this image has been magnified by several major websites that have sprung up to collect money for charities. Sites like JustGiving take 10% profit on every pound donated on their site. Many are under the false illusion that sites like this operate as not for profit, which they don't. They are full for-profit private companies like any high street loan company.

In a direct comparison poll between Lenders v Charities, Lenders came out on top with a score of 28% who found them less trustworthy than Charities. Whilst Charities came in at 65% of those polled finding they were less trustworthy than lenders.

The rise in the popularity of our own sector comes as a welcome surprise. We will leave it to others as to the reasons why, we are hoping that next year we will be more trustworthy than MP's.

The full poll can be found on polls.co.uk - below is a breakdown of the survey.

Out of the following, which do you find least trustworthy.

1) Charity - 19%

2) Payday Lenders - 17%

3) Political - 15%

4) Legal Profession - 14%

5) Police - 11%

6) Estate Agents - 6%

7) Medical Profession - 6%

8) Teachers - 5%

9) Social Care - 4%

10) Security Services 3%

Details showing which UK profession is least trusted


  • Comment Link Thursday, 26 April 2018 14:52 posted by Anonymous

    If you ever watch them fight over someone's "will" you will realise just how vicious this breed of people are. They will drag families through the courts for every last penny they think they can get hold off.

    As for justgiving, well, enough said about them.

  • Comment Link Friday, 04 May 2018 12:19 posted by Anonymous

    The story about the RNLI sacking two individuals for having a mug, even though they volunteer for free, is ridiculous. The fact that they are paying someone £42k a year as a safeguarding officer is shocking.

    The RNLI is no longer fit for purpose, don't donate to them anymore.

  • Comment Link Saturday, 05 May 2018 01:53 posted by Anonymous

    Even their latest press release is hiding behind silly reasons. They need someone to get a grip asap and admit what they did was wrong. They could bankrupt the charity if they aren't careful. It doesn't take a lot for the goodwill in this country to disappear and for another organisation to take its place.

  • Comment Link Thursday, 14 June 2018 11:50 posted by Anonymous

    If something has the tag 'charity' on it, i stay away from it.
    Charity to me basically just means 'con'. If people actually want to do a good thing, they should never give money; instead they should volunteer or something so that they at last know that their generosity is being seen where it matters most. Handing money over will just feed the fat cats at the top. Never in the history of 'charities' has money been spent where it needs to be spent.

  • Comment Link Saturday, 15 September 2018 12:03 posted by Tacka

    Completely agree with the above. Never pay into a charity, the money will simply go to a big fat slob in a suit who does absolutely nothing while the hard working volunteers and the cause doesn't get a look in. I help out at a dog's charity and they're alright but i know of other charities that don;t operate with the same goodwill but rather than money, i provide things of worth so that big wigs can't take any money. I provide bedding and towels etc and when i do my weekly shop i always buy some dog food and biscuits. That's my contribution. Money doesn't go to the cause, it goes to millionaires lording it up at the top.

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