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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 18:25

    Brits to enjoy cheap holidays thanks to Brexit

    Brexit is making package holidays to Europe exceptionally cheap – up to 40 per cent cheaper in some instances, meaning good has come of the situation after all. Believe it or not, holiday prices to popular destinations such as Spain, Portugal and France have been reduced massively this year in a bid to get Brits overseas.

    The tourist industry in Europe has had a bit of a setback when it comes to British numbers travelling, mainly because many Brits have wanted to wait until the outcome of Brexit before booking holidays. Consequently, this has meant that numbers to popular destinations in France and Spain have taken a nosedive, and naturally, profits are down for these holiday places.

    Another factor that has been at play in the dwindling numbers to these places is the fact that many Brits are going to newer and more up-coming holiday destinations in Europe where package holidays are cheaper still – places such as Tunisia and Bulgaria tend to be far cheaper per person than equivalent locations and accommodation options in Spain and Portugal for example.
    This new data has been confirmed by EasyJet and Thomas Cook who both claimed that Brexit was affecting the numbers who booked in 2018 and the first few months of 2019.

    A spokeswoman for EasyJet said "The numbers are disappointing but show that customers are content to stay in the UK, especially during the World Cup last year."

    The top and bottom of it is that Brexit is proving to be a good thing after all – especially for people wanting to holiday abroad this year. In some places, people are looking at a weeks’ holiday in the sun for less than £150 per person. For large families there has never been a better time to get all the clan abroad for such a cheap price. People should look to see what bargains they can get before the MPs mess this opportunity up for us too.

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