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    Saturday, 26 October 2019 22:12

    Boris Brexit Deal - Real Reason For Northern Ireland Lock

    People are missing something about Boris's Brexit Deal. Northern Ireland being locked into the EU for 7 years isn't an accident. It's designed that way and is significant for other reasons.

    For those of you that don't know what Boris and the Brexit Secretary have been trying to sign us up to, that probably includes those two if you have been following their shambolic evidence given to Parliament this week. They have tried to lock Northern Ireland into being in the EU for a further seven years. Regardless of what they say, this is the reality of it.

    This consists of 1 year of being in a transition with the rest of the UK, 4 years until a vote to leave can happen, and then finally a 2 year transition out if they vote to leave. All this equals 7 years.

    What else in the EU lasts for 7 years? Arrh, the EU budget! Isn't that a nice little coincidence?

    As the UK will be financing Northern Ireland through the Treasury, it means that the UK Treasury will be paying into the EU for a further 7 years.

    Will the contributions to the EU from the UK Treasury on behalf of NI be calculated upon the GDP of Northern Ireland alone or the whole of the UK?

    Well if it was just on the GDP of Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland might well be a recipient of EU funding rather than a net contributor.

    It will then, of course, be calculated on the GDP of the whole of the UK; otherwise, the EU wouldn't be putting up a fight for it. Boris and Co are trying to sign us up to fund the EU on full UK GDP contributions for a further seven years without us knowing. Northern Ireland is just being used as the justification for the money being sent to fund the EU for the next budget term. 

    Why are Boris and Co trying to do this without us knowing? Good question!

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