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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 12:34

BBC Wheels out 3 fat people to talk about going hungry and food banks

Does anyone wonder why people don’t take the food bank issue seriously anymore. Well the BBC gave one great example today on the Victoria Derbyshire show. They wheeled out 3 fat people to talk about starvation, yes you couldn’t make this up.

The Victoria Derbyshire program on the BBC has long been known for its crazy left wing views, or more accurately – just crazy views. Victoria Derbyshire herself isn’t living in the real world either, we’d put it down to too much medication and were cutting her some slack but she’s off the chart now.

Taking home a salary which is paid for in part by the poorest people in the UK. The 6 figure earning Victoria Derbyshire never does a program on the TV Tax Sham that she’s involved in. A sham in which the company she works for, labels poor people as criminals if they are unable or willing to pay towards her organisation. Regardless of whether or not they want to watch the drivel from the BBC. We’d like to see a program on that. No thoughts for the poor people there.

Anyway, today she hit a record low. Her show invited on 3 people to talk about the issue of food banks and how people go hungry. These weren’t three people that looked like they had just survived Auschwitz. These people looked like they’d just been released from a 4 year sentence at HMP Pizza Hut.

The fact that nobody at the BBC noticed these 3 larger point before they took to the air just confirms to us that their arrogance is out of control. All they want is victims, they don’t assess whether or not that people are victims. They aren’t bothered about that. The BBC and others are just virtue signalling, what they are really signalling is that they are out of touch with the real world and people who are obviously struggling. 

Before the do-gooders start their attack on us over pointing this out, they should realise that we are mocking the BBC, not food banks and their genuine users.