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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 09:00

BBC Stop With The Anti Brexit Stuff It’s Getting Boring

 Not a single day now passes without the BBC going into meltdown over Brexit. They still haven’t accepted that it is over and that there is no going back. Today was no exception, trying to heckle the Prime Minister, then continuing all afternoon by  interviewing 6 remoaners for each person who backed leave.

The first tactic of the BBC is to attack the value of the pound because it dropped in value against the Dollar after Brexit. Now this is certainly true, but not the whole story and they must know this.

After Brexit, the pound dropped from around $1.44 to $1.30. Then a few months later it dropped from $1.30 all the way down to $1.16. What they don’t mention is that this drop happened directly after a speech from the Chancellor Mr Hammond. In that speech he said that the UK would no longer try to get a fiscal surplus by the end of this Parliament.

Basically, we were no longer going to be paying our debt down. That is what triggered the biggest drop in the pound, not Brexit. The BBC aren’t stupid, they speak to people in the city who you would think are even less stupid. They know the truth!

Today’s lie from the BBC is that the pound rose during Mrs May’s speech because she said that MP’s would get to vote on the Brexit deal. Somehow saying that currency traders now think that there is a chance Brexit won’t happen. This again is utter nonsense.

The value of the pound was rising well before she said anything about the vote, it was rising hours before she took to the stage. How do they explain that?

The BBC also seems to forget that the vote will only happen after negotiations, negotiations will only start after Brexit has been triggered.

There is no chance that Article 50 will not be triggered. The say that currency traders don’t know this is extremely silly.

The BBC then move to their next trick, interviewing more remoaners than they do Brexit supporters. This is by far one of their best tricks; try to show that Brexiteers are still in the minority. Or, try to interview smarter dressed remain voters and Brexiteers who have just finished work.

Their tricks just won’t stop.

If you are hard up for cash and want to save some money, cancel your TV tax (license). Tell them to stay off your property by removing their implied right to access. Eventually when enough people stop paying them, they may be forced to represent the public more fairly and compete on the same terms as other broadcasters.

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  • Comment Link jamie jamie

    The BBC is supposed to be impartial, yet everyone knows it is not. If it is not impartial this means that it isn't doing it's job correctly and it should be shut down and all staff fired. If a person is in a job and they can't do it correctly, they will normally be let go. The bbc should have the same fate. Sack the lot of em and get a real impartial news service in.

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