Thursday, 07 December 2017 08:26

Are our MP’s mentally ill?

It’s not a nice question but what we witnessed this week with Tory MP Heidi Allen was some of the most bizarre theatre ever witnessed in the House of Commons. It was like something off the X Factor, not the highest court in the land. Her reaction to hearing a story of financial hardship story from a fellow MP set her off – but why, is it because she feels guilty?

The story starts on Tuesday this week when a Labour MP called Frank Field got to his feet to tell the story of how one of his constituents was on the verge of suicide because of their financial situation and the fact that their child was going hungry.

We agree stories like this are tough. But crying in public? Jeez. In our opinion this isn’t the sign of someone that is mentally stable especially when there are other aspects to this story that these MP’s are not sharing with their constituents.

The raw truth is that people like Frank Field and Heidi Allan vote to give away billions every year in foreign aid. Perhaps they should, instead of virtue signalling on TV, go face to face with their constituents and try to explain how they can justify giving the Ethiopian Spice girls money instead of them.

We are sure that most people out there who are of sound mind would agree that giving away billions of pounds to people in a foreign country for a daft project whilst claiming you don’t have any money to help people in this country. Is a sign of complete and utter insanity?

We all know this is insane; insane is a word short for insanity. Insanity refers to mental health and with the case of these MP’s, we have to now start questioning if they are in touch with the same aspects of reality that the rest of us are. These people aren’t well.

On another note, we’d love for details of this constituent. A little bit of digging will usually indicate excessive lifestyle choices being to blame rather than random bad luck.

Anyway, for MP’s that want to virtue signal – grow up.