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    Really Interesting Finance News
    Really Interesting Finance News
    Friday, 05 February 2021 07:52

    Appeal To Businesses Ruined by Fake Reviews

    Quick Loans would like to hear the experiences of business owners who have suffered from fake online reviews and willing to share the effects they had.

    Over the past few years, we have experienced a rise in the number of fake negative reviews posted online about our business. Almost all of these reviews were from individuals who were victims of cold calling scams and fraudsters claiming to be Quick Loans. They genuinely believed that they were dealing with us, and therefore felt justified in writing a negative review about the money they lost. We get that people angry and frustrated when they wrote those reviews don’t have so much of a problem with these people. We do not believe that they were leaving negative reviews to be malicious.

    Problem Is With The Review Sites

    When we tried to challenge the fake reviews with the review websites, they wouldn’t remove them. There was zero proof required for those negative reviews to stay online. No evidence of any kind, none in the form of receipts, emails, screenshots etc. The main review sites that we challenged were Google Reviews, TrustPilot and the ReviewCentre. We tried to go through all of their removal procedures, but they showed no concern for accuracy of their data, or the damage fake reviews can do to innocent businesses.

    Then we got to thinking if this could happen to us, just how widespread are these fake negative reviews? Do potential customers take them seriously? Have they caused businesses to fail? Has anyone challenged a phoney review in court, and how did they get one?

    We have decided that we need to investigate further. We aim to write a detailed report on the abuse of false reviews. We want to collect real examples of real businesses that have been the victims of unvalidated negative reviews, malicious or innocent minded false reviews. We are welcoming to any examples of how these reviews have affected business. We would especially like to hear from business owners that are ok with us publishing their experiences.

    What We Are Planning

    Our investigation will focus on the point of view of the business because those who tend to lose most from false reviews. Consumers, more often than not, are the victims of false positive reviews.

    If we do manage to obtain enough evidence of a pattern of wilful neglect from these review sites, it may be something that we can obtain legal remedies for on behalf of ourselves and others. If this is possible, we would be happy to cover the costs.

    Please get in touch if you or some that you know has suffered from fake reviews.

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